Breaking Bullying Podcast that’s breaking silence, empowering voices against bullying: Share stories & find support

Breaking Bullying Host Tim Flynn

Anti-Bullying Expert, Speaker, Lifestyle & Martial Arts Trainer, Tim Flynn, and actor, writer, and producer Bruce Nachsin, host The Breaking Bullying Podcast.

Tim Flynn is recognized by The Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, CA, as one of the nation’s leading advocates for his Anti-Bullying efforts & A Top Advocate in the US to speak against Bullying.”

— Michael Matsuda

MANKATO, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023/ — Breaking Bullying is a groundbreaking podcast dedicated to combatting bullying and announces its launch, providing a safe and empowering space for victims to share their personal stories. Bullying affects everyone, children and adults alike. The harm that bullying causes can last a lifetime. It can majorly cause low self-esteem, depression, and even suicide. Most people don’t know what to do or where to seek help. This podcast aims to change things. They want to be a resource and want to help.

It seems almost everyone has a bullying or harassment story. It’s the inspiring stories of perseverance that sets this podcast apart. The discussions are real. Every guest is willing to share how they have survived and how, with the proper help and support, they have found success personally and professionally.

To anyone reading this: If you or someone you know has experienced bullying; If you want to know how to recognize bullying when you see it happening; If you want to help, this is the podcast for you. Contact us at

Host Tim Flynn is an anti-bullying expert, speaker, and owner of Kato Karate, a Martial Arts training center that is skilled in child development. Tim’s Karate Chop Bullying seminars are in demand as he travels the country to spread his message of anti-bullying, self-discipline, self-esteem, life skills, and self-confidence to children of all ages. Tim’s methods and degrees mirror Mr. Miyagi’s in Karate Kid/Cobra Kai. Tim was bullied throughout school. He eventually persevered and vowed to help others at the hands of bullies. Tim is a 6th Degree Black Belt, and 2000 MN State AAU Tae Kwon Do Gold Medalist in Sparring.

“Tim Flynn is recognized by The Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, CA, as one of the nation’s leading advocates for his Anti-Bullying efforts and one of the Top Advocates in the country to speak against Bullying,” says Michael Matsuda, president of the only Martial Arts History Museum in the country.

Host Bruce Nachsin is an award-winning actor, writer, and producer known for his short films and podcasting work. As a former victim of bullying, Bruce is passionate about breaking the silence on bullying and bringing people together to find a community that will support them. This powerful series aims to raise awareness, foster empathy, and inspire positive change.

Please note: Tim Flynn and Bruce Nachsin are available for interviews. If you know someone who would be a great podcast guest, please call Leslie McClure to schedule. (408) 671-2859. [email protected]

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