Birdwatchers Speak Out: OnTheFeeder Unveils Comprehensive Insights in 2023 Trends

Indigo bunting captured in Tammy’s backyard.

OnTheFeeder unveils its latest article revealing birdwatching trends in 2023, based on real enthusiasts’ responses, covering motivations, investments, and more.

WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/ — OnTheFeeder’s latest article, “2023 Birdwatching Trends: Insights From Hundreds Of Wild Bird Enthusiasts“, presents an unfiltered perspective of the birdwatching community. Using responses from real birdwatching enthusiasts, the piece gives a deep insight into this beloved pastime, covering motivations, investments, and more.

The report delves into the various reasons why people engage in birdwatching, underscoring its value as a source of relaxation and stress relief. The article also brings to light the multifaceted aspects of birdwatching, capturing the passion, personal fulfillment, and also financial commitments enthusiasts make to their hobby.

Consider these important statistics from the article:

95% of birdwatchers emphasized the significant importance of birdwatching for relaxation and stress relief.
87% of birdwatchers spend about $100 – $499 annually on their wild bird hobby.
81% of birdwatchers were inspired to begin birdwatching due to their personal love of birds or nature (vs being introduced by a family or friend).
79% of birdwatchers are female.
77% of birdwatchers have never participated in any citizen science.
77% of birdwatchers are 55 or older.
73% of birdwatchers have never gone on a birdwatching trip.
72% of birdwatchers also enjoy gardening as a hobby.
44% of birdwatchers have a household income of $25,000 – $74,999.
35% of birdwatchers observe birds exclusively in their yards.
30% of birdwatchers that are 55+ started birdwatching when they were 25 or younger.

Anyone with an interest in birdwatching, whether a seasoned watcher, a budding enthusiast, or simply a curious onlooker, will find this article an eye-opener. With its blend of robust data, OnTheFeeder’s latest piece serves as a compelling guide to understanding the expansive world of birdwatching – straight from the enthusiasts themselves.

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