Birdfy Fund: Every Dollar Takes Flight
Birdfy Fund: Every Dollar Takes Flight

Hummingbird Research Project: Dave Katz and The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Festival: Southwest Wing Festival

Bird Festival: Southwest Wing Festival

Bird-related Educational Programme: Taylor's Elementary

Bird-related Educational Programme: Taylor’s Elementary

Birdfy, a leading brand in smart bird feeder technology, dedicates $1 from each sale to set up the Birdfy Fund, which has now reached $200,000.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2024 / — Birdfy, a leading brand in smart bird feeder technology, dedicates $1 from each sale to set up the Birdfy Fund, which has now reached $200,000 for bird conservation and social charities.

Demonstrating a commitment to avian welfare and environmental stewardship, Birdfy has pledged to support various conservation projects and charitable causes, ensuring that every dollar contributes to the well-being of birds and society.

What is Birdfy Fund?

“Every Dollar Takes Flight” the compelling motto of the Birdfy Fund, encapsulates the initiative’s dedication to ensuring every contribution positively impacts avian life and human communities. Birdfy Fund is at the heart of Birdfy’s mission, blending the joy of birdwatching with significant support for avian conservation and societal welfare.This initiative enables Birdfy to put its mission into practice, supporting bird conservation efforts that foster public engagement and appreciation. Through this passion-driven endeavor, Birdfy seeks to enhance environmental and social well-being, blending the pleasure of bird observation with significant contributions to avian protection and societal benefits.

Recipients of the Birdfy Fund gain critical support for projects in environmental protection, research, education, and eldercare, overcoming financial and resource limitations. Meanwhile, contributors to the Fund, whether individuals or institutions, deepen their involvement in bird conservation, fostering a sense of purpose and achievement. The Birdfy Fund thus creates a cycle of benefit and engagement, connecting the joy of birdwatching with broader, meaningful efforts for a sustainable world.

Supported Cases

One month after its launch, the Birdfy Fund has sponsored a variety of meaningful projects across bird exhibitions, scientific research, early childhood education, and senior care, showcasing its impact and commitment to avian conservation and societal welfare.

In the realm of avian research, the fund’s sponsorship enabled Dave Katz, a renowned hummingbird expert, to acquire essential equipment for his studies. This endeavor, poised to integrate new technology specifically tailored for hummingbird research, stands as a pioneering program with the potential to set a precedent for future wildlife research. The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, chosen for its significant hummingbird population, including various visiting and breeding species, provides an ideal setting for this groundbreaking work. Katz, holding all necessary Federal and State permits for conducting research in this location, aims to use hummingbird tagging data to explore aspects such as dispersal and migration patterns, behavior and social structures, life spans and survival rates, reproductive success, and population dynamics.

Furthermore, Birdfy’s engagement with festivals like the Southwest Wings Festival and the Camden County Audubon Society’s Audubon Bird Festival.Southwest Wings Festival, is the oldest birding festival in Arizona. As the associate sponsor, we are excited to support this enriching educational event that showcases the variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects in their natural settings. The festival, a highlight for nature enthusiasts, offers guided tours to several birding hotspots throughout southeast Arizona, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the area’s abundant biodiversity.

Birdfy is also proud to support the Camden County Audubon Society in organizing an Audubon Bird Festival. With the backing of Birdfy through financial contributions, products, and promotional efforts, this event aims to celebrate and succeed in bringing together nature lovers. The festival is set to collaborate with Georgia State Parks and will be hosted near two national parks, Cumberland Island National Seashore and Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, providing a unique setting for birdwatching and nature exploration. Additionally, Audubon organizations from Georgia and Florida will join the festivities, further enriching the event with their participation and shared commitment to bird conservation.

Birdfy’s initiative extends to senior care, where it sponsored the streaming of live bird feeds to residents of Provision Living at Oshtemo. Watching the serene and playful activities of birds has offered a form of natural therapy, soothing their spirits and providing a sense of warmth and connection to the outside world. Furthermore, this initiative has fostered a communal atmosphere among residents, enabling them to share these moments of happiness with friends and family.

Similarly, Birdfy’s collaboration with educational institutions marks a significant step in integrating bird-watching technology into school curriculums. To date, Birdfy has collaborated with over 10 educational institutions, including Boght Hills Elementary and Holly Springs Elementary School, marking a significant contribution to enhancing learning environments through technology. This partnership involves integrating Birdfy’s innovative bird-watching technology into school curriculums, offering students a unique opportunity to engage with live bird feeds directly in their classrooms. This initiative not only enriches students’ learning experiences by providing them with real-time observations of bird behavior and natural habitats but also plays a vital role in fostering environmental awareness and a deep appreciation for biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Reviewing Process
Upon applying to the Birdfy Fund, applicants can expect a thorough review by the Birdfy team, who will respond promptly. Review durations may differ based on project specifics. Once an application is reviewed and approved, applicants will receive a confirmation notice detailing the sponsorship.

Additionally, The Birdfy Fund prides itself on a rigorous evaluation process for project applications, led by global consultant Mr. Stephen Moss. Moss, a renowned nature writer, broadcaster, and wildlife TV producer, lends his expertise to ensure that each project receives professional insight and support.

How to Get Involved

Birdfy Fund opens its doors to both applicants and donors. Individuals and organizations with impactful environmental or societal projects can apply for support, regardless of their nature, including avian conservation groups, educational initiatives, senior care programs, and more.

Donors passionate about contributing to nature and society are also welcomed to join the Birdfy Fund, enabling collective support for these meaningful initiatives.

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