Bestselling author Pauline Kirk is on a mission to support women to achieve financial empowerment

Pauline understands the challenges that women face when managing their money. She knows what it’s like to be under debt, and crawl back to solvency.

It’s not all about spending for tomorrow, you’ve got to live for today as well.”

— Pauline Kirk

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, August 9, 2023/ — Meet Pauline Kirk, the woman who is on a mission to support women in achieving financial empowerment, so they can take control of their financial future, and become Financially Fabulous.

Like many women, Pauline found herself buried under a mountain of debt and struggling to make ends meet on a low-paying job. But she refused to be a woman filing for bankruptcy. Instead, she turned to Oprah for inspiration and decided to take charge of her financial situation. It took grit, determination, and a willingness to hustle. Pauline paid off her debt, began saving, and educated herself about investing after the Finance Industry failed her. Pauline also became a renowned financial wellness educator.

Now, Pauline is sharing her vast knowledge and expertise with other women through her social enterprise. She teaches women the basics of financial management and helps them to build a solid financial foundation. From setting up a bank account in your own name to building up savings, and what to consider regarding investing. Pauline’s programs are designed to help people achieve true financial independence through informed decision making.

Pauline understands that women often put their own financial needs last, focusing instead on their partner’s careers or their children’s needs. But, she also knows that this can be a recipe for disaster which leaves women vulnerable when unexpected financial challenges arise. That’s why she dedicates herself to speaking on the global stage about the dire financial statistics of women heading into retirement. Pauline’s passion and dedication is to mentor women on how to take control of their finances and achieve true financial freedom and empowerment.

She is a difference maker as 80% of profits from Femvestorsglobal is donated to charities supporting children’s education and women’s empowerment programs globally. Pauline is unique as this is not just another person trying to sell a finance course to make money. Her income is generated as a stock market trader as well as a Supply Chain Consulting Partner.

Connect with Pauline Kirk at her website,, where free resources and descriptions of the services she offers can be found. She is also on social media platforms @femvestorsglobal. A wealth of additional advice, as well as more of Pauline’s dramatic personal story can be found in the compelling new book Phenomenal Women Who Boss Up, a collection of interviews with female entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges, focused on personal and professional development, and created independent lifestyles they love.

About the Women Who Boss Up Book Series

Whether you’ve been bossing up for a while or you’re looking for support on your boss-up journey, the Women Who Boss Up book series is your chance to take inspiration and advice from women just like you. These women come from all backgrounds, all walks of life, and all disciplines. Some of them have pivoted after years in Corporate America and some have never worked a 9-to-5 job. Some have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, some trusted their intuition when no one else did, some have failed more than once and come back stronger, and all of them have created lives of fulfillment and financial success. Learn more at

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