Ancient Mystery Solved: The Zodiac Revealed as a 4000-Year-Old Perpetual Farmer’s Almanac

The image of the fertility wheel without the changes. The goat-fish and the other symbol will be revealed on August 30th.

Stephen in the desert.

Stephen in the desert.

Ancient wisdom revived! An amateur deciphers Mesopotamian zodiac, unveils the Fertility Wheel’s agricultural significance.

This wheel is perfection, unlike anything I could have imagined. I can’t fathom how it remained forgotten for so long.”

— Stephen David Manning

UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/ — Prepare to embark on a journey of awe and enlightenment as Stephen D. Manning unveils the resurrection of ancient wisdom, a discovery of unprecedented magnitude. An unassuming amateur, deeply attuned to the rhythms of lush farmlands and arid deserts, has harnessed his profound connection to nature to decipher the enigmatic Mesopotamian zodiac.

Through the fusion of time, knowledge, and modern computing power, this visionary stands as the first human in history to unlock the profound significance concealed within each zodiac symbol. What emerges from this revelation is nothing short of a treasure trove of wisdom, poised to redefine your perception not only of the zodiac but also of the newfound Fertility Wheel and its timeless applications. Once you glimpse the profound utility of this system, it will indelibly alter your perspective.

Mr. Manning is poised to unveil the original intent behind these symbols, intended as a perpetual farmers’ almanac for the people of the Fertile Crescent—the very cradle of humanity and civilization where settled farming first took root. While its origins lie in this region, its wisdom, when properly understood, transcends geographical boundaries, serving as a guiding light in numerous other locations.

On August 30th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time, or 2 a.m. GMT. Saturday, during the rare super blue moon, Steve will unveil the intricacies of how he unraveled the Fertility Wheel and provide insight into its proper utilization. Enthusiasts eager to dive into the depths of this revelation can witness the unveiling on at the scheduled time or tune in to the “fertility wheel” channel on YouTube.

To eliminate ambiguity, this newly revealed system bears a distinctive name: the Fertility Wheel. While sharing some parallels with the Zodiac, its unique significance lies in the agricultural realm. It meticulously aligns animals with specific months, guaranteeing precision and relevance in farming practices. Importantly, this system does not cater to horoscopes or individual fortune-telling; rather, it serves as a perpetual farmers’ almanac. One symbol has been changed to make the wheel understandable and naturally accurate.

For centuries, the zodiac has been synonymous with astrology and horoscopes. Steve’s research and understanding, however, suggest a different narrative—that it was a practical guide and tool utilized by ancient humans to master the intricacies of farming and agriculture at some point in history. If you’ve ever harbored the belief that the zodiac must hold deeper significance across worldwide cultures, Steve’s work will affirm your intuition. It sheds light on the profound importance the zodiac held.

According to Steve, aligning these symbols during equinoxes and solstices offers the ability to reset the system for any location in the northern hemisphere. This capability may have empowered ancient civilizations to anticipate changing seasons and strategically plan their agricultural activities. In an era where agriculture was the linchpin of existence, this knowledge proved invaluable. Today, it offers insights that could be just as crucial for our future.

Steve emphasizes, “This discovery fundamentally alters our understanding of the zodiac and its role in human history. It transcends mere entertainment or self-discovery; it’s a practical tool that likely empowered our ancestors to thrive.”

Delving into the intricacies of the Fertility Wheel reveals a profound connection between its symbols and agricultural practices—lessons concealed over the ages and obscured by horoscopes. Importantly, this tool is not intended for divination or fortune-telling; rather, it serves as a compass for those in harmony with nature.

The influence of the Fertility Wheel extends beyond farming; it also imparts wisdom on survival when aligned with solstices and equinoxes. This revelation possesses the potential to breathe new life into ancient wisdom, foster sustainable farming practices, and deepen our understanding of our relationship with the natural world. By harmonizing our activities with the cosmic rhythms embedded within the Fertility Wheel, we can strive for equilibrium and balance.

Having unraveled the essence of the original zodiac, Steve ventured into the exploration of other zodiac systems. He discovered that the Chinese Zodiac shared several animals, albeit in a different sequence. As his research deepened, he unearthed a fascinating connection—the Yellow Emperor, known as Huangdi, the creator of the Chinese Zodiac, was also a trailblazer in agriculture, leading to abundant harvests and the lunar calendar. Steve recognized these three interconnected aspects and realized they shared the same fundamental principle as the original zodiac, rooted in agriculture.

His enthusiasm soared as he confirmed this linkage through further investigation. He grasped the true rationale behind the selection of animals in the Chinese Zodiac—a purpose extending beyond fortune-telling but encompassing all three of his discoveries.

Steve’s passion led him to delve into the Vedas and immerse himself in the realm of Hinduism. His revelation was profound and unveiled a correlation between the items in many deities’ hands and his Fertility Wheel. Rearranging the sequence of these same tools revealed their purpose, transforming them into a guiding mechanism akin to a perpetual farmer’s almanac. This realization filled Steve with contentment and satisfaction. Understanding the key and the reason why the animals must be in that order was so compelling that he wanted to share this with the world.

This groundbreaking revelation is easy to understand and promises accessibility to people worldwide, regardless of their proximity to farmland or their understanding of agriculture. By making the research available online, individuals from all walks of life can verify and validate these findings. Steve has also forged a new form of astrology, distinct from tropical astrology. Fertility Wheel astrology assigns animals different months, aligning them with the natural rhythms of nature.

In Fertility Wheel astrology, animals occupy specific months for a compelling reason. This innovative approach seamlessly melds ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding, inviting individuals to embrace a holistic view of the cosmos and its intrinsic connection to the natural cycles of life.

Stephen invites all to embark on this transformative journey. By embracing the Fertility Wheel, we can collectively explore its significance and unlock its potential to reshape our understanding of the origins of astrology and agricultural practices.

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