Amplifying Talent, Embracing Diversity: Database Redefines Representation in the Entertainment Industry

The Disabled Voice Actors Database is helping revolutionize and diversify the entertainment industry

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, June 29, 2023/ — Maria Pendolino, an award-winning voice actor and disability advocate is collaborating to help revolutionize and diversify the entertainment industry through the Disabled Voice Actors Database. This groundbreaking actor-led initiative aims to provide visibility and opportunities for disabled voice actors, showcasing their immense talent and breaking down barriers in the industry.

As someone working in the entertainment industry with a passion for advocating for disability inclusion, Pendolino has taken a volunteer leadership role alongside other disabled talents in the ongoing development of a free online database, which serves as a comprehensive resource for casting directors, producers, and content creators seeking diverse and authentic voices for their projects.

By featuring talented disabled voice actors, the database aims to challenge stereotypes, increase representation, and foster inclusivity in the entertainment industry. It’s free for talent to list themselves in the database, and free for the casting and producing community to use it.

“I believe in the power of storytelling and the strength that lies within each individual’s unique voice,” said Pendolino. “The Disabled Voice Actors Database is a transformative platform started by actors for actors that will not only open doors for disabled talents, but also inspire positive change and greater inclusivity in the industry.”

The database will give casting directors easy access to a list of talented disabled actors that are open for new projects. The volunteer leadership team of the database hopes this will solve for production saying: We just couldn’t find a qualified disabled actor for this role.

“The database is a priceless resource in my casting process, says Danielle Prestfelder Demchick, casting director and owner of DPD Casting and VP, Advocacy, Casting Society. “Disabled performers are more accessible to casting directors for all roles; both roles that tell disabled characters’ stories, and non disabled roles, through the database. So often I am asked ‘how’ to find performers of certain lived experiences, by both producers and my casting director peers, and the Disabled Voice Actors Database makes finding disabled actors seamless and efficient.”

“The database is crucial because it provides much needed visibility to talents who have disabilities,” said Nick Germain, another member of the volunteer leadership team and creator of the first iteration of the database. “There is the visibility to each other, which unites all of us, and creates a solidarity amongst actors who happen to be disabled.”

The volunteer leadership admin team of the database is comprised of six disabled actors. As a group, they’ve been recognized as a nominee for this year’s Diversability D30 Honors.

“People with disabilities are the largest minority in the world,” said Tony Jackson, another database volunteer admin. “Entertainment is widely seen as a reflection of real life. Yet, people with disabilities are woefully underrepresented in the entertainment industry.”

“Although we’d all like to think of the entertainment world as progressive, the reality is that disabled actors still make less money and get offered fewer roles than their able-bodied counterparts,” said Pendolino.

If you are a disabled voice actor, you can be added to the database by filling out an intake form. If you have casting authority, you can request access to the database at For more information about the Disabled Voice Actors Database, visit

About Maria Pendolino

Maria Pendolino is an award-winning professional female voice actor. Maria has been a working actor for nearly two decades. Her vocal style is conversational, authentic, relatable, and sassy. She is trained in musical theater, film, television, and voice work and her delivery is youthful and on-trend.

Brands from around the world trust her to represent and speak to predominantly Millennial and Gen-Z audiences. Maria identifies as a disabled actor due to psoriatic arthritis and uses a wheelchair and mobility aids as needed. The growing trend of remote work allows her to be a successful working actor collaborating with clients around the world from her broadcast-quality home recording studio in Buffalo, New York.

You can learn more about Maria by visiting

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