NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 29, 2024 / — On March 20th, the American Swiss Foundation hosted its 79th Annual Gala at the Harvard Club of New York City, where Steven G. Hoch, Chair Emeritus of the American Swiss Foundation, announced a new partnership between American Swiss Foundation and Boston-based Friends of Switzerland, Inc.: “We are thrilled to welcome the Friends of Switzerland to the ASF Community. As a long-time member of FOSI and a recipient of the Stratton Prize, I look forward to working with FOSI to create a vibrant community in the Boston area.”

Friends of Switzerland, Inc. was established in 1966 and has awarded an annual Julius Adams Stratton Prize for Intercultural Achievement since its founding by Dr. Freddy Homburger, a Swiss-born oncologist who served as Honorary Consul for Switzerland in Boston from 1966 to 1968. The Stratton Prize is named after the 11th President of MIT, Dr. Julius Stratton, an American electrical engineer and physicist known for his contributions in applied electromagnetism. Stratton completed his bachelor’s degree from MIT and received his Doctor of Science from ETH Zurich, and was heavily influenced by his time in Switzerland.

As part of the merger agreement, the American Swiss Foundation will continue the FOSI Stratton Prize. Robert J. Giuffra, Chair of American Swiss Foundation stated, “We are thrilled to announce the union of our two Swiss-American organizations, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in our shared journey. Over three decades ago, the late Ambassador Whittlesey launched the ASF’s flagship program, the Young Leaders Conference. This merger enables the ASF to expand its footprint and programs in a geography of great importance to U.S.-Swiss relations.”

Larry Grob, President of FOSI and Board Member of the American Swiss Foundation, and Member of the ASF Alumni Committee, also noted his excitement about the partnership: “The union of the ASF and the Friends of Switzerland represents, in our minds, a significant milestone in the promotion of Swiss-American friendship and cross-cultural learning. No doubt, the Swiss, Swiss-American, and Swiss-interested people we serve will benefit from the perpetuation and expansion of these programs, as well as from the exposure to the ASF’s robust lineup of program offerings as its presence in Boston and greater New England grows. This is a very exciting venture.”

FOSI’s merger with the American Swiss Foundation coincides with the ASF’s launch of regional and city Chapters and shared interest groups. ASF Executive Director Vanessa E. Beary remarked: “Joining forces with FOSI allows us to build a broader network together and gives us an opportunity to annually engage with our combined membership and alumni in the Boston area.”


FOSI Stratton Laureates: 1966 – 2019

1966: Julius Adams Stratton

1968: George W. Thorne

1969: Jerome Hunsaker

1970: Bradford Washburn

1971: Werner Imhoof

1972: Michael Stettler

1973: Georges F. Doriot

1974: Charles E. Mongan

1975: Ernst Huber

1976: Alain B. Rossier

1977: Charles S. Draper

1978: Agnes Mongan

1979: William D. Carter

1980: Randall Thompson

1981: Conrad H. Biber, George H. Büchi, & Roger Jeanloz

1982: Carl Einsele & Thomas Karger

1983: Bernard Brauchli

1984: Victor E. Weisskopf

1985: Philip J. McNiff

1986: John Kenneth Galbraith

1987: Oscar Handlin

1988: Irene Hischer Honegger

1989: Bruno Thurlimann

1990: Blanch Honegger Moyse

1991: Freddy Homburger

1992: Roman Totenberg

1993: William J. Curran

1994: Charles E. Ziegler

1995: James H. Hutson

1996: George Alessandria

1997: Hans. J. Bär

1998: Mary Davenport

1999: Ruth Ruprecht

2000: Alfred Defago

2001: Ernst Jost & Max Steinmann

2002: Faith Whittlesey*

2003: Jane Swift & Ralph Lewin

2004: Daniel Vasella

2005: Catherine N. Stratton

2006: Angelo M. Codevilla

2007: Jeno C. A. Staehelin

2008: John A. Shane

2009: Douglas Sears*

2010: Hansjörg Wyss

2011: Josef H. von Rickenbach

2012: Iris Bohnet

2013: Marc Redlich

2014: Steven G. Hoch*

2015: Renata von Tscharner

2016: Armin Hofmann, Chris Pullman, & Philip Burton

2018: Suzi LeVine & Eric LeVine*

2019: Martin Dahinden

*All starred Stratton Laureates were at one time members of the American Swiss Foundation’s Board. The late Ambassador Faith Whittlesey founded the American Swiss Foundation’s flagship Young Leaders Conference and served as Chair Emeritus until the end of her life.

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