A Poetic Narrative’ Hits Shelves Worldwide
A Poetic Narrative’ Hits Shelves Worldwide

Restrict: A Poetic Narrative by Sol Rivera (Photo Credit: Hatherleigh Press)

Author Sol Rivera (Photo Credit: Hatherleigh Press)

Author Sol Rivera (Photo Credit: Hatherleigh Press)

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The revolutionary work of poet Sol Rivera is now shared in her new release of “Restrict: A Poetic Narrative”. Hatherleigh Press, Ltd. has published the book of poetry, which will be available in stores worldwide.

The young adult writer’s first published book takes readers of all ages on an eye-opening journey into the difficult realities that today’s youth are facing in an ever-shifting world full of unprecedented social pressures and norms.

With current alarming statistics in the media of historical high numbers of pre-adolescent and teens suffering due to a combination of social media and post-pandemic woos, the riveting words of Rivera stand out as much needed messages of hope. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic identified some of the worrying trends – follow this link for more information https://bit.ly/3E4PocP.

Overwhelmed by the current situation, the poet decided to act and create a truthful look at what it means to be a teen in America today. And with that momentous courage came a way to speak out and speak up for the country’s youth while promoting simultaneously an inspirational collection to help overcome modern day challenges.

Reflecting on her work, Rivera emphasizes that the idea for the book of poetry arose from the ‘dawn of my transition into teenhood,’ which happened during a rocky period leading up through middle school to the end of ninth grade.

“Still reeling from its aftermath, I was on one of those quarantine walks that scientists continue to recommend when it dawned on me that I had relatable childhood experiences of struggling with an eating disorder. I knew I had to write something, a letter to my past self that others could read as well. When I started to write this story, I felt as though it was far-fetched. However, through the cathartic poetry writing process, I have heard from others who have experienced pre-adolescent disordered eating. Most of my peers have struggled with insecurity in some way, and sadly we live in a world where it often has to do with something as beautiful and sacred as our bodies.”

Rivera explains that she sees the written word as a vehicle for recovery and how to discover support systems in her captivating pieces that include titles such as “Resurgence,” “We’re All Just Children After All,” and “Karma Doesn’t Care If You’re Insecure.” Each selection delves into the toxic pressures of the modern world surrounding young girls in schools and around peers.

“It provides a realistic look at the issues and eating disorders and bullying in social media for girls who are middle school and high school,” Rivera reveals. “It also gives parents a sense of empathy and compassion as to what their children may be going through because I believe the global atmosphere around everything has shifted so much so I hope it provides a much-needed perspective.”

In her published work she sincerely wishes that everyone who reads this poetic narrative can consciously come to terms with their own insecurities. As a changemaker and advocate, Rivera’s poetry sets the tone to help promote a system for a revolution in mental health awareness in 2023 and beyond. Breaking the cycle of bullying and self-abuse begins to stop through her powerful poetry.

“I hope that we tell all of our little girls inside of us that we do not have to be perfect to be loved.”

“Restrict: A Poetic Narrative” is available in stores. ISBN 9781578269846 $15.00 US /$20.00 CAN. Also available in ebook format. Distributed by Penguin Random House. Please Follow this link to purchase the book on amazon.com https://bit.ly/3QPW06u

About Sol Rivera:

Sol Rivera, daughter of veteran journalist, Geraldo Rivera, is a student, poet, and activist who uses her poetry to share her emotions honestly and hopefully in a relatable way. She aims to empower those struggling with eating disorders and other challenges facing teenagers. Although ‘Restrict’ is a work of fiction, it is inspired by real life. Sol is the youngest of five children and is caring and engaged with her community. She lives at home in Cleveland with her mom and dad, two tiny Maltipoos, Lucy and Ricky, and Skipper, a massive and unruly Black Lab.

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