Tuesday , January 22 2019
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Turkey demands extradition of its diplomats 32


According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey, 32 diplomats fled immediately after was suppressed by the unsuccessful attempt of a military coup. Turkey demands extradition of its diplomats 32, who escaped after the revocation to the country for suspicion of involvement in the coup attempt. This was stated …

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In Virginia plane crash killed 6 people


The plane crashed during landing. A light aircraft crashed while landing at the airport in Northern Virginia, USA, killing six people aboard. The plane crashed into trees at the edge of the airfield airport Shannon in Fredricksburg when he tried to go to the second round, reports CNN. Witnesses of …

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In Pakistan, the doctors were selling newborn babies


The hospital staff replaced newborns in the bodies of dead children. Pakistani police have arrested several employees of the hospital who suspected that they were engaged in kidnapping and sale of newborn children in Peshawar. Among the detainees – a nurse and two paramedics. Members of the network substituted for …

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ISIS captured two thousand people in the North of Syria


This fact is confirmed in the “Democratic forces of Syria”. Militants “Islamic state” captured about 2 thousands of civilians and you can use them as “human shields” during their withdrawal, said the Syrian military. The seizure occurred during the withdrawal of the forces of ISIS from the city of Manbij …

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In Poland began the search for Nazi “trains of treasure”


Archaeologists began excavating a tunnel, which may be the legendary “gold train”.Treasure hunters resumed the search for the legendary Nazi “gold train”, which is probably located on the territory of Poland. In the near future to start digging in three areas in South-Western Poland. “The train is not a needle …

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The WTO supported the EU in the “war of tariffs” with Russia


Russia was accused of violating international trade obligations.The world trade organization upheld the EU’s position in the dispute with Russia over import duties. As noted, the EU at the end of October 2014 appealed to the WTO with a lawsuit against Russia, accusing the recovery of high tariffs on such …

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Over the Baltic sea was intercepted by military aircraft


The Il-20 spotted at the border with Latvia.NATO fighters in the skies over the Baltic sea to intercept a Russian military aircraft Il-20. This was reported by the National armed forces of Latvia. “12.08 fighters patrol air police over the Baltic sea near the border of Latvia has identified the …

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