Monday , November 19 2018
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In Venezuela run out of food, the streets withdrawn the army


The country is in a critical situation. The aggravation of the protracted economic crisis in the country and massive protests, the Venezuelan government was endowed with extraordinary powers. The corresponding decree was signed yesterday and announced it on radio and television, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The document allows the Cabinet …

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In Karabakh is tense again: Azerbaijan reported losses


Baku accuses Yerevan of violating the ceasefire. In the Azerbaijani defense Ministry announced the deaths of soldiers in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict the shelling from the Armenian side. “Soldier of Azerbaijani armed forces, soldier, Natig Tahirli may 17, died as a result of a violation by Armenia of …

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Poland has revoked the visas of “Night wolves”


Motorcyclists gathered to make a pilgrimage to Greece.Poland has revoked the visas of the Russian biker club” Night wolves”. According to the representative of the club, the bikers were going to make a pilgrimage to Greece and their route had to pass through several European countries. “While Poland banned entry …

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In Poland desecrated the graves of soldiers of the UPA


To tombstones attached abusive inscriptions.In the village near Przemysl Pykulychah unknown desecrated two graves of soldiers of the UPA in the local Ukrainian military cemetery. On tombstones attached the glass frame with the words: “Bandera bandits, brutal murderers who killed innocent Polish women and children”. The Association of Ukrainians in …

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2060 flood could threaten more than a billion people


The greatest risk will be subject to the United States, China and India. By 2060 more than a billion people will be constantly exposed to the risk of catastrophic floods due to global climate change. This is stated in a new report by the British humanitarian organization Christian aid. So, …

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Al-Qaeda is moving to Syria


In Syria al-Qaeda plans to place its headquarters, together with the group “Frente al-Nusra”. The leadership of the terrorist group al-Qaeda has decided to move to Syria. This writes The New York Times, citing sources among senior American and European intelligence agencies. In Syria al-Qaeda plans to place its headquarters, …

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In Istanbul there was an explosion, there are victims


Four people were injured. It is noted that victims were injured from the metal elements inside the explosive device. The bomb was in a package left under the overpass. Currently on the scene working law enforcement officers. While none of the groups has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

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