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Without property rights will be no cheese, no computers

Без права на собственность не будет ни сыра, ни компьютеров

Without iron, absolute guarantee of the right of ownership and right to its protection by any means — in our country is nothing but oil is produced will not be

An interesting post, well characterizing the state of Russia’s economy left in FB publicist Ilya Weitzman:

Cheese will not. Computers, too. I mean, in Russia cheese was not, and never will be — and for one reason only: there are no property rights as such. What is the connection? Simple. How could a serf to engage in the production with a long duration of the process, and we already do not require immediate intervention? What!!! No sir, I will take it so the guardsmen will fly, “word and deed” shout, and rake all aged cheeses, barrels of aged wines, vassena meat (ham, yeah). How to take four hundred varieties of cheese?

Therefore, in Russia historically specific food culture: everything that gives the manufacturer his farm used immediately, or after short-term treatment — “not yet taken”. Cheese? Six months (and sometimes several years) to withstand? God save us from such stupidity — only buttermilk or curd, which with the evening put, morning, ready, and immediately ate it. Wine (even Apple)? What do you mean!? The probability that it will somehow take over the aging period is exactly 100%. No sir, Oprichnik, not a guardsman, a police officer, not a police officer, “requisition” or someone else. Many such “authorized”. So — just the home brew or moonshine. Fermented for a week [optional overtaken] and drank. All that belly — will not take!!!! Continue can do. Yes, from this series a few struggling all sorts of pickles and other preparations for the winter, but that’s just what had to go, with all the risks, however, and “unit cost” of such a small product, big interest of overcoming the pickled apples and sauerkraut there, and it’s uncomfortable purely technologically.

But fuck it, cheese. Exactly for the same reason, Russia has not formed industrial and technological culture. More or less high technology require investment that pays off over the decades — and what fool will climb long-term to invest if your right on what you have invested can be canceled at any moment because of itching at the tail of the next “statesman”? Well, from what all I remember, took and canceled “paper” on hundreds and thousands of major shopping facilities all over Moscow (and not only in Moscow this craze swept). R-R-again, and you’re stripped of everything and thrown into the street. To complain? Only useless, sitting in the court of sidekicks and proteges of the same “statesmen”.

And everything is understood. So no one is eager to invest in the modernization of existing production. All owners prefer to complete failure to operate existing equipment, because — well, as tomorrow will come “siloviki” and insolently will overcome all? The end attachments? Not-e-e-e-e… Like a penny profit appeared next to her, and offshore. So peaceful. Production? So, how will collapse — then we will see: something to do with it — or shut the fuck, take junk to the scrap yard and go to a Villa in Spain, good money is enough. Of course, not all of these, some still have hope and are invested in production, but weather they already do, and not even affect it.

Microelectronics? Requiring billions of dollars of investment “faby” with profit margins of several percent, requiring huge infrastructure (and, with redundancy and competition)? It’s not even funny. The only attempt to run on the “Angstrom” production 130/180 nanometers failed even before it began. The project was originally destined, you can’t just stick in the middle of the fields such production. It’s a little (a lot) more difficult than to buy in the USA factory, disassembled it and reassembled in the USSR. This industry can only grow, and for this we need at least 30-40 years to remove the grasping hand of the state from the economy. Here the Chinese could and our — no. Itching to grab immediately and “squeeze” is too strong to let something somehow grow. That is, perhaps, Telekom to take these strange stuff the state in the ‘ 90s they missed, climbed into the Internet of things slightly, and Russian Telecom in the early 00’s was really cool. High competition, low prices, really good service and all that. Then, of course, “statists” came around and started…

On the contrary, that oil and gas production, for example — Yes, it is simple and intuitive. Drilled, sucked, and sold in a week money on a secure numbered accounts, where they are no”Patriotic hands” does not make it. This business is understandable and quite acceptable in the state without the right of ownership. There are other short production cycle, there is also still something going on there, but it’s still not come to them “Patriotic”…

Why Western brands for a quarter of a century was never going to localize the production in Russia? “For the same reason.” They understand that the shed with the screwdriver Assembly, on the one hand, in which case you just quit after losing a little, and with another — pressing these sheds is silly, because without a supply of “kits” from a safe for business locations these “industrial Assembly” are worth nothing. Around quietly. Yes, and the majority of the revenue legitimately goes in a safe jurisdiction away from anything is not a guarantee of the Russian state.


P. S. All of the above applies to any other high-tech sectors of the Russian economy. They are doomed.

As an illustration to his post, the blogger cited just such a funny information:

“Emergency workers from Ekaterinburg is November 1 was ordered to mow the grass in the village Novoalekseevskaya. Newsletter with orders to arrive there and to bring scythes, trimmers, rakes and shovels got the staff yesterday.

The report said that the chiefs fire-rescue units should send in Novoalekseevskaya for two people. They must be dressed in working clothes for the weather, with the necessary gloves and tools.

“A working tool to bring to the gathering place (hand scythes, rakes, shovels, trimmers petrol)”, — stated in the newsletter. In addition, “you can further engage cadets under training in parts.”

Без права на собственность не будет ни сыра, ни компьютеров 

According to the source E1.RU such work is related to the arrival of the authorities in the village Novoalekseevskaya. On the record, which is at the disposal of edition, can be seen as rescuers mow grass remnants, sticking out from under the snow. They work braids and trims, and it looks all really weird….”

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