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Volkswagen has introduced three new car-taxi

Volkswagen представила три новых автомобиля-таксиThe first model has a capacity of as much as 9 people.

Recently, Volkswagen has presented three new cars-a taxi.

The first – Crafter Kombi has a capacity of as much as 9 people. Was first demonstrated at the auto show in Germany and was able to impress her a lot of space and comfort. At the event were shown a special sample having separate places.

The second novelty – the VW e-Caddy. This is a project of the subsidiaries of Volkswagen, who are engaged in the production of such transport. The feature of this model – almost complete harmlessness to the environment because of it that runs on electricity. However, it has only 5 passengers.

It’s pretty small compared to the first model, but it can hold quite a lot of Luggage. But it’s still a very high figure for an electric vehicle of this class. So it can be considered as a breakthrough in comfort. May is the distance of 220 km, which is very positive for use in the city.

The third e-Caravelle. Also is a joint project of several companies. This is a car that runs on recharging with electricity. Charging usually takes no more than 50 minutes to 80-85% of the total. Has 8 empty seats, but with minimal space for Luggage.

According to the company, will go on sale next year.

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