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These characteristics of the flexible Motorola Razr V3

Названы особенности гибкого смартфона Motorola Razr V3Resource XDA Developers released some details about the functionality of the device.

Recently, the leadership of Motorola has confirmed the development of mobile-frogs Razr new generation. According to preliminary data, the device receives a flexible display will be developed inside.

First of all we are talking about what the device will be endowed with an additional external screen, which previously indicated patent illustrations and conceptual renderings. This auxiliary panel will allow you to implement a number of interesting features.

Main functions and features. For example, in the open state of the external display can be used like a touchpad, for example, to scroll web pages on the main flexible screen.

In the closed state of the auxiliary screen will not be able to provide access to the full use of Android. Instead, owners will be able to use a limited set of apps like Moto Display, Moto Actions and Moto Camera.

In other words, the external display will display the message, useful information, and so on. In addition, this panel will display the animation of intelligent voice assistant Google Assistant.

Open smartphone running app and camera owners will be able to use the flexible display for scale and, of course, the shutter.

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