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The mysterious silence of the Japanese Prime Minister

Загадочное молчание японского премьера

Fantastic was held today in Tokyo the next National rally for the return of the Northern territories, which I observe every year since the 80-ies. Externally, at the National theatre and opposite the Imperial Palace, everything was as usual. People in boring suits, the queue at the entrance, a lot of young provincials — because the event attracts veterans of the struggle over the Southern Kuril Islands from all over the country, it is funded by the overall budget of the office of the government, although private donations are available.

But that’s not it: I knew that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided this year to dramatically soften the content of his speech at the event on 7 February concerning the Northern territories. But the reality surpassed, Lord, expectations. Prime Minister Abe has kicked out of everything except positive and confident hope for a speedy solution to the issue of the Islands and a peace Treaty through joint efforts with President Vladimir Putin.

Disappeared, the terms “ancestral territory” and “illegal occupation.” Prime Minister Abe chose not to even outline a circle of problems, in which Tokyo has always included the southern Kuril Islands of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai. Now the term “four Islands” disappeared, and instead, Abe-San is foggy today said that he would sign a peace Treaty with Russia, resolving the territorial issue at all. But how and on what grounds — Japanese Prime Minister mysteriously silent.

In short, an interesting lot, and Patriotic fighting organizations also behave in Tokyo is surprisingly quiet. In former times they even simulated an attempt to break through to us in the office, but today I hear only one propaganda machine of the fighters for the Northern territory, which under pre-war March of the lonely swept across a nearby overpass city hyvee.

In short, miracles, and Prime Minister Abe seriously suggests that the negotiations that will happen. But there is something immutable: the scene of today’s event at the National theatre in Central Tokyo still hung a few crumpled rag flag with the inscription “Return the four Northern Islands!”

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