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Scientists have warned about the plastic pollution of salt

Ученые предупредили о пластиковом загрязнении соли The absolute most table salt contains tiny pieces of plastic.

Only mankind has calmed down after learning that salt is not the “white death”, it is required as part of the red blood cells, maintains their shape and strength, as a new study was shocked to hear that 90% of salt used worldwide, contain tiny bits of plastic.

It is a startling fact, but it is not so incredible, if you think about it. In the end, the oceans, seas and other water bodies all over the world in our day are widely contaminated with microplastics, and most of the salt we use comes from this water.

In fact, of all tested types of salt, it was discovered that sea salt contains the highest levels of plastics, followed by salt lake and rock salt, mined from salt deposits underground. These microplastics are small pieces of plastic smaller than 5 microns, they are formed when the destruction of the larger items such as plastic bottles.

The study, conducted by researchers from the National University of Incheon in South Korea and published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, was considered 39 brands of salt, drawn from 21 countries. The data indicate that the average adult swallows about 2000 microplastics every year thanks to their presence in water bodies of the planet.

It is not surprising that the levels of plastic pollution in certain geographical areas were associated with the number of microplates that are out there increase all the time.

For example, past studies have shown that Indonesia has the second highest level of plastic pollution in the world, a new study has shown that salt messes the country’s highest microplastic pollution.

Only three tablespoons of salt, is investigated in the paper does not contain microplastic: unrefined French sea salt, which was obtained in the result of solar evaporation, purified rock salt, Chinese and Taiwanese purified sea salt. The names of specific brands were not disclosed. At the same time microplastic was discovered in the sea salt sold in the US, the UK, Spain and France. Asia is home to the world’s worst plastic pollution.

It is not known how microplastic adversely affect human health in the long term. Plastics are not only dangerous themselves, but absorb toxic chemical substances contained in sea water. They are absorbed all at sea, from tiny plankton to shellfish and large fish, working his way up the food chain and putting people at risk.

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