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Psychologists have explained, if there really is a midlife crisis

Психологи объяснили, действительно ли существует кризис среднего возрастаThe concept of “midlife crisis” is continuously shifted forward.

Midlife crisis does not exist in reality. No evidence of this phenomenon are not available, and even people like after the age of 40 and 50.

To such conclusion the Australian scientists from the University of Melbourne.

According to scientists, no serious evidence of this crisis in the science is not available. As for myself, the average age is merely a stage in human life that requires a certain process of habituation.

Psychologists say that for many older people the average age was the phase of life that they are generally more preferred, that is more enjoyable than even the youth. The authors of the study claim that there are no stages of human life, which dramatically increases the rice of any crisis associated with the revaluation of values. Moreover, the notion of a midlife crisis constantly moves forward. And if several decades ago it was believed that the crisis should begin at age 35, today its starting time believe the age of 45 to 50.

The researchers are convinced that any possible crisis years is smoothed over as life in General becomes more positive, the psychic personality of the person more stable.

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