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Presentation of the new Apple computers – and it could be good.

Презентация новых компьютеров Apple – а ведь могло быть хорошо…

30 October, Apple introduced an updated line of 3 devices: MacBook Air, MacMini and iPad Pro. On the one hand, the fans were happy to renew old favorite devices. But on the other than as you move the presentation forward, all the more acutely the question arose – why?

Let’s first go over the facts and figures. So, update the MacBook Air has brought us: high quality display, two USB-C is the good old USB-A, new keyboard, improved speakers, and an Intel Core i5 8-th generation. RAM in the base, as before, from 8 GB drive and a 128 GB SSD, which by today’s standards not so much. Added Touch ID, which can both unlock and to execute the payment function, and increased trackpad. Price – from $1199 (excluding taxes) in the United States or 105 000 in Russia.

MacMini: now Intel Core i3, 8 to 64 GB of RAM and 128 GB 2TB drive. All this in a database is 69 000, and in more or less good equipment again is approaching 100 000.

iPad Pro – new again diagonally across the screen. This time 11″ and 12.9″ inches. Of course, a more powerful processor, was removed as well as Touch ID, but put in Face ID and it was done without bangs, so you can only rejoice. But I removed the 3.5 mm output, and lightning was replaced by USB C. about the charging port is definitely a plus because the device is a niche and it is better to have the most productive and quick wire than chasing uniformity of standards.

But that’s why you had to remove the headphone port? If you position the device as a professional, no headphones have “no roll”. They have a delay, albeit small, but there. So all the sound (including installation video) goes by.

But the screen left LCD, and memory now available up to 1TB,which is certainly a plus.

Cost tablets are from 66 000 and 82 000 rubles for 11 and 12.9 inch version respectively.

Now, as for the computer MacMini, over 70 000 is kind of… weak. It used to cost around 40,000 rubles, so that was cool. That is, you could not collect the same computer for the money with the asset, and he certainly would not fit in such an elegant frame! If he was worth from 50 000 to 70 000 in the top configuration, then again, it would make sense, since it would be the device a little more expensive counterpart on Windows, but in a superb design and with all the advantages of the Apple ecosystem.

But 100,000 for an unremarkable computer…. It is not clear.

But the main thing is. The main issue occurs to two things – firstly to the growing range of devices, where we see 5 kinds of laptops, and is already hell if I know. how many types of tablets. Not only that, that in itself is distracting, and it turns out an interesting detail – the basic MacBook 12”with 2-core Intel Core m3 7 th generation with clock frequency of 1,2 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage is 109 990.00 RUB. The basic MacBook Pro 13 inch with Intel Core i5 7-th generation with a clock frequency of 2.3 GHz, graphics processor Intel Iris Graphics Plus, 640, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB worth… also 109 990 rubles!

Now look above and see that the base MacBook Air costs 105 000… Apple, what’s wrong with you??? Are you sick? Your ranks wormed saboteurs who are deliberately destroying your marketing?

“<cite>”Marketing is everything” is such marketing that does not focus on any particular product. Pushing through all at once scatters the audience attention and reduce the impact on it advertising a particular product</cite>” – writes L. Ron Hubbard in the instructions on the fundamentals of marketing is one of the few actual experts in this field.

So, building the product line, Apple has always offered to purchase something with reduced features, but is cheaper, or already with full functionality but a little more expensive. Buy iPhone SE for 30,000 to 40,000, last year’s iPhone 6S 45 000, iPhone for 59 000 7 or iPhone 7 Plus over 65 000. The purchaser could really break down but still the principle was the obvious choice. The same laptops – Air used to cost about 1000, Pro 1500, Pro charged version from 2000.

And in the end, with one side very happy to see the updated Air, but absolutely do not understand WHY! If for the same money I can get the Pro version, which is more productive and longer it will hold a charge, it has the same dimensions and almost the same weight, why do I need Air? If these dimensions to me a lot, but the performance is not needed, then I’ll get myself a MacBook 12 inches – which is markedly smaller and lighter, but still with a large amount of internal memory. It is easy to mount even ordinary clips.

So we have three different devices for the same money with similar features and capabilities. This means that the impact will be on all three positions, as well as for the company itself and its sales of laptops.

And again a disappointing conclusion after the presentation, Apple again disappointed, and demonstrates an inability to maintain even the good that was left of it – marketing. Even then there’s some kind of Armageddon that threatens if not to bury the company, then certainly to deprive its leadership in the market in the next 5-7 years.

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