Saturday , November 17 2018
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The entire budget — to Bulk


How to equip Russia, everyone spoke, there was only start. And the main thing — why? And we must start with caring for the creation, enhancement, preservation and reasonable distribution of public goods. It is the benefit of the public — is composed from two sides. On the one hand …

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Without NATO


The timing of repair “Kuznetsov” after the accident, floating dock moved about a year and a half, now promise to pass it by the end of the 22nd year. That is four more, and more and more years Russia will live without a single aircraft carrier. Here is the first …

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National idea of Russia


“Why do we want a world where there is Russia?” Start with the fact that, in my opinion, the national idea [1] can not be expressed long formulation, because of the word — a guide to action. The formula of the national idea is the tuning fork that sets public …

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Donbass and Russia suffered serious political damage


“Top secret”: In the republics of Donbass chose leaders. The results were predictable, in Donetsk defeated Denis Pushilin. Donetsk journalist Roman Manekin in an interview with “top secret” tells that behind the scenes of the electoral process. — As have passed elections of the head of the DNI? From the …

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“Russian Falcon 9” has become more expensive than the us


The total budget of the Russian-Kazakh Baiterek complex, which involves the launch of the medium-carriers “Soyuz-5”, is 14.4 billion dollars, said in a video on the project. The video was posted on Twitter by Director General of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin.   “The life cycle of the complex is 40 years, …

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Putin shook hands with the Tramp


The Russian head of state Vladimir Putin and the President of the United States Donald trump shook hands. A meeting of leaders of two world powers took place at the arc de Triomphe in the capital of France is Paris, where the ceremony will be held to mark the centenary …

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