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Players not found in Fallout 76 secret ending

Игроки не нашли в Fallout 76 секретной концовкиDevelopers, apparently, did not care about the fan idea.

Last week a Reddit user suggested that in Fallout 76 has a secret ending, and described a possible method of its opening. Method requires a large number of players, and wishing there was even more than you need. However, gamers were disappointed: after all the steps, nothing unusual has happened. Bethesda Softworks does not deny (but not confirmed) that the game has a hidden ending, and encourages enthusiasts.

Thinking about the “true” ending user International_XT have put the words of the leader of the “Brotherhood of Steel” Appalachia Taggard Elizabeth (Elizabeth Taggerdy). The organization rejected her proposal to detonate an atomic bomb in each of the fissures that inhabit zerogoki to destroy their nests and get rid of these monsters. The player decided that the way the developers have hinted in the secret ending, and decided to implement the plan Taggerty. Prior to that, he was convinced that after the explosion of the cleft are closed, but to do so with all the cracks and overcome the Queen, he needed the assistance of other gamers.

The theme attracted not only many users, but the Manager on public relations of Bethesda using the alias LadyDevann. She admitted she knows nothing about the secret ending, but expressed a desire to watch the broadcast of the event.

Method tried several user groups, but none of them saw the coveted ending. z3rosun spent on the closure of all rifts about ten hours. He counted on the help of friends, but was prevented by the endless technical problems of the game: after the explosion, the sixth bomb to his server for some reason are unable to connect new users. He managed to eliminate all cracks, but to defeat the Queen alone has failed. However, since the destruction of the faults did not change the Queen, he believes that the final would be the same. He later wrote that his friend, a group of six players repeated all the steps and killed the boss, but nothing happened on the field of battle remained normal subjects.

“Missed opportunity – your second name, of Bethesda,” wrote annoyed z3rosun. – Damn you”. “Congratulations, you killed the final boss – server, – wrote in the comments victrhugochavez. – Make it a lot easier to win than the Queen.”

Another user, YenSid_2, too, did not succeed, but he managed to find out new details. It turned out that the faults are automatically opened after seven and a half hours after the explosion, not after the server restarts. Therefore, in his view, all the attempts made not ideal. Perhaps players just don’t have enough time to resolve all of the faults and to kill the Queen before the cracks begin to open. “Mathematical possibility” of closing all the gaps, he says, there is, but you need to blow them up simultaneously. Now his group is trying to understand how to coordinate actions. He also urged to join this event dataminers that could find in the game files scripts re-open the gaps.

Although the experiment failed, many participants admitted that they are impressed with the resourcefulness and perseverance of the players and following with interest the development of events. Developers, apparently, did not care about the fan idea. Now they are busy preparing content updates, and even with them without problems is not complete: the first devoted to the brewing and distilling Wild Appalachia, was to be held today, but it was postponed for a day.

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