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The Chinese created the five-star public toilet. Photo


For those who are looking around the luxury. Mostly people avoid to use the public toilets, it’s easy to see why. Most of these places are dirty, uncomfortable and unattractive. But it does not apply to recently open in the Chinese city of Chongqing public toilet. This institution is assigned …

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The small but functional house on wheels. Photo

The house has everything you need for travel. Paul Elkins for many years traveling around the United States here in this van that he made himself. Building tiny viladomiu weighing 27 kilograms cost Floor only $ 150. For manufacturing a master used four Billboard of corrugated plastic, a Bicycle for …

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Incredibly beautiful creatures, with glowing under water. Photo


The photographer took the pictures in Madagascar and Tanzania. They are independent and produce their own light, and humanity they are just jealous: efficiency of a living glow fantastically great and reaches 80-90%. The name “bioluminescence” literally means “weak alive glow”. Humanity remains only envy the efficiency of this process, …

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The photographer showed new York in the neon lights. Photo


The work of Belgian-Portuguese photographer. Xavier Portela (Xavier Portela) – Belgian-Portuguese photographer and Director who lives in Brussels. Xavier photographing the architecture of big cities many years, and to experiment with color began in 2016, when he was in Tokyo. The Japanese capital has inspired a photographer: he created the …

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