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The unusual similarity of different objects. Photo


Some things remind very different things. Almost every person has ever noticed around the images which is not the reality: the outlines of faces, hearts or animals. For such a visual illusion is called pareidolia. Find out how your brain is affected by the propensity to find familiar features in …

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Photographer turns girls into forest nymphs. Photo


She knows how to show the beauty. Agneska Lorek (Agnieszka Lorek) prefers the mysterious Welsh forest thicket for ordinary photographic studios. Images of beautiful patterns she creates herself, speaking not only as a photographer but also a stylist and an artist. Agneska carefully suited to their art projects, giving importance …

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Stylish ideas for a small bathroom. Photo


How to accommodate all the necessary. Even the smallest bathroom can be transformed into a cozy and functional. It is only necessary to consider the interior design and practical use of space. We have collected the most successful examples of how to accommodate a small bathroom everything you need.

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City streets in the shadows and the reflections. Photo


The photographer chose an unusual way of shooting. Photographer Guido Gutierrez Ruiz is doing on their smartphone Google Nexus fantastic photos of the reflections of the city streets in the puddles – so fascinating Wonderland. “Many don’t like the rain, but the puddles it leaves behind can be absolutely magical,” …

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Ice cave in the national Park of Iceland. Photo


The cavity in the ice formed from melt water. This is the Vatnajökull national Park (Vatnajokull). It includes the vatnajökull glacier and a large number of fragments of ice and rocks moved by ice. Under the glacier and this ice cave. Glacier caves are formed in the body of the …

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Original works by the German photographer. Photo


The photos were taken in 1940-ies. If you think that in an era when there was no photoshop, it was impossible to take photos, amazing imagination, you are deeply mistaken. The work of this photographer impress and excite the mind. Enjoy and you this art without any computer bells and …

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Interesting facts about life in Mongolia. Photo


About this country many know nothing. The sizeable but sparsely populated territory, a mysterious desert nomads of Mongolia most people know a little. The country is very contrast: skyscrapers stand alongside the yurts, and the petrified eggs of dinosaurs that are still found in the desert, can sweep modern SUVs. …

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