Saturday , November 17 2018

Gamers have chosen the best games of the current year


God of War took the championship in many rankings. 36 days took place the awarding ceremony of the Golden Joystick Awards, where it was determined the best games in 2018 according to its users all over the world. Leadership positions in such popular hits as free Fortnite: Battle Royale, as …

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Teacher accidentally discovered a new optical illusion


A woman has shared a photo online. Optical illusions playing amazing jokes with our mind, openly and even created specifically so much that it seemed that nothing was fresh in this area it is impossible to find and think of. However, recently ordinary canadian elementary school teacher accidentally discovered suddenly …

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The divers found part of a mysterious ancient mechanism


Age was more than 2000 years. Underwater archeologists discovered something incredible: at the bottom of the Aegean sea, they found part of a computer, whose age exceeds 2000 years. More specifically, based on the findings of scientists, the details of 2,200 years. The object itself is an element of the …

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Blogger held a “crash test” iPad Pro


Display scratched, and then the tablet broke in half. Popular blogger jerryrigeverything once slightly distracted from testing smartphones and undertook testing of the iPad Pro. In the hands of popular blogger got the new iPad Pro, announced by the cupertinos in October. The device was subjected to the same tests …

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Chevrolet presented the concept of the new crossover


Cars called FNR-CarryAll.American brand Chevrolet has brought to the auto show in Guangzhou the conceptual version of its new crossover called the FNR-CarryAll. The abbreviation “FNR” in the name of the prototype is formed by adding the first letters of the slogan “Find New Roads”, which in English translates to …

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The fluent Ukrainian oligarch will go under the hammer


Cars decorated on straw men. Very soon, the auction will put the car out of the garage of the fluent oligarch Sergey Kurchenko. The Prosecutor General’s office handed over two cars to the national Agency for the return and management of assets. This was reported by press Secretary of the …

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