Saturday , November 17 2018

Named drink that weaken virility


Men need to strictly control the consumption of this beverage.Doctors from the UK spoke about the fact that addiction to instant coffee can affect male sexual health. Instant coffee is not really useful drink for men, and all because it contained hormones that can weaken the potency. According to doctors …

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In Eastern Europe, doubled the level of corruption


Residents began to believe less in democracyIn 2006, corruption in post-Communist countries in Eastern Europe have doubled. About this testify the results of a study by the German economic Institute, writes Politico. The researchers argue that support for democracy as a whole grows, the longer people live in a democratic …

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Pope calls gossip “terrorism”


Gossip – terrorists.Pope Francis has called the rumors a form of “terrorism” and warned the believers about the murderous lies. Reported by the AP. “Gossip – the terrorists, because their tongues they throw a bomb and then leave, and the bomb they threw, destroys reputation,” said the Pontiff. Speaking at …

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Experts suggested how to save on holiday in Turkey


As soon as possible to think about a vacation.The owners of the hotels in Turkey announced the increase of prices for accommodation. In addition, there are plans to transfer payments from dollars to euros. The rise in the cost of holidays for Ukrainians. Two hours of flights, a visa-free regime, …

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EA has announced a remaster of Red Alert and Command & Conquer


EA will sell both RTS in a single kit. Electronic Arts has officially announced plans to release a remaster of the cult real-time strategy Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Creating the updated versions of the games will Studio Petroglyph Games, which now employs immigrants …

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In Greece have found the remains of the ancient city


Scientists believe they have found the remains of a town built during the Trojan war. Scientists in Greece found the ruins of the ancient city. Experts believe that it is the city of Teneya. Archaeologists have discovered the walls of the ancient Greek city, jewelry, coins, and several tombs. Nakhodka …

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