Thursday , January 17 2019

The DPRK continues to develop secret nuclear program


Kim Jong UN received enough material to build about six nuclear bombs. The newspaper’s sources report that North Korea “churning out missiles and warheads” at normal speed. Kim Jong UN received enough material to build about six nuclear bombs. “There is no indication that their nuclear or missile program has …

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The owner of Toyota Land Cruiser shared the story of tuning


For five days, the SUV has become much more passable. Toyota Land Cruiser 105 is a four-wheel drive SUV that was produced until 2005. The former owner decided to share impressions about your car, which he successfully used for travel, hunting and fishing. He bought a standard car, which had …

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Volkswagen boasted record sales of the new model


The compact crossover has become one of the bestsellers of the brand. Sales of the new SUV was launched in October, but in November the Chinese market Volkswagen Tharu was implemented more than 10 500 copies. In December his selection of the Novick stopped nearly 11,000 motorists. Note that in …

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Why at our expense making a bad movie?


Those Directors and producers who are willing and able to make good films, do not have the money for it, and those who have money, and do not want to make good films Russian cinema is almost dead in terms of quality – says popular blogger Valery Petrov.In fact this …

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The best pictures taken with drones. Photo


They should see everyone. The organizers of the international competition of Drone Photography Contest, which was held for the fifth time with the support of the service Dronestagram and National Geographic magazine has named the winners of the year. The jury considered more than 4 thousand works of photographers from …

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The doctors told why sneeze useful


Sneezing “reboots” the body.Sneezing is a special mechanism that allows “restart” the system of cells of the nasal cavity. For example, if a person has sinusitis (inflammation of sinuses), then the system will function incorrectly and cause sneezing, to organize the work, say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. When …

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Presents a new theory of the brain


“The theory of thousands of brains” suggests that each area of the neocortex generates its own complete object model. The specialists reminded that the higher functions of the brain performs the neocortex (new cortex), man sprawling large folds. Here come the analysis of sensory information and the conscious mind are …

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