Thursday , February 21 2019

Save is Russia record reserves of the yellow metal


Russia accelerated pace saving up gold for a rainy day. It can be seen from the assay office. According to her data, Russia has reduced export of gold by 3.3 times — from 56.6 tons (1.82 million ounces) to 17.05 tonnes (548 083 ounces). Thus, in 2018 the export took …

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The unusual similarity of different objects. Photo


Some things remind very different things. Almost every person has ever noticed around the images which is not the reality: the outlines of faces, hearts or animals. For such a visual illusion is called pareidolia. Find out how your brain is affected by the propensity to find familiar features in …

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Named habits that affect pressure


To maintain a healthy pressure it is very important to control the blood levels of the minerals. High blood pressure is directly linked to the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Many confidently say that high blood pressure can result from drinking alcohol, Smoking, overeating, sedentary lifestyle. But there are …

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China will build a solar power station in space


Orbital space station will help to reduce air pollution from emissions of numerous ground stations. China announced plans to build an interstellar power plant, which will revolve around the Earth at an altitude of 36 000 km. Chinese scientists plan to build and run small power plants into the stratosphere …

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Mystery of Tutankhamun’s tomb


European society of the 1920s had a mysterious history. Years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the users of the network decided to reveal the truth about the mysterious death of the expedition members “European society of the 1920s had a mysterious history. After the mysterious death of …

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Lady Gaga has canceled the engagement


There will be no wedding. Outrageous American pop diva Lady Gaga in the near future under the crown not going. She called off the engagement with her fiancé and at the same time the Manager Christian Carino. This was told by a source from the inner circle of the pop …

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