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Our money for future retirement is gone to some “crisis measures”

Наши деньги на будущую пенсию ушли на некие "антикризисные меры"

Yuri Pronko: Siluanov admitted that our money for future retirement is gone to some “crisis measures”



Journalist Yury Pronko said logic States, when the President called on finally to liquidate the pension. It should be noted that Silvanus was presented the situation in such a way that as if no one from this and not lose!

But in fact, everything looks different. In fact in the pension system was about 250 billion rubles. Where the money went and why so many frozen funds? Having established this, we can also understand why pension reform

Freeze and the elimination of funded pension

The task of the pension was the fact that people in retirement feel better in material terms, as are additional payments to the basic pension. It seemed then that everything will work fine.

But no, eventually the authorities decided to freeze the pension. And then that’s what is interesting; in 2013, Putin stated that the funded pension is all right, then worry about it. On the contrary, Putin inspired all that soon most will understand that funded pension really benefit from and move there.

A year after the pension freeze. Her story ended. Part of the money left for the rehabilitation of Russian banks, including private, as well as the support of state companies such as Gazprom. Probably, at this point there remains no means. Consequently, People are left without 250 billion. And this, of course, “nobody lost.”

Pension reform is about the same

Yuri Pronko notes that the essence of the pension reform is also that the pension is not a savings, just the pension funds began to actively get involved in various bureaucratic structure, so the system must be reformed. This must be done not only to save money, but also in order to disguise the fact of the disappearance of funds from the PF.

As in the one and in another case we see a pure Scam, which is hardly something to justify. Putin’s argument in a famous speech, said Pronko, is not sufficient justification to increase the age of retirement. Alas, there is no information why there is no money, is not given. Although Siluanov said in justification of the “crisis measures”, which was carried out at the expense of future pensioners. Why not at the expense of additional funds from the sale of oil or other sources? Unknown.

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