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Nutritionists have shared tips on healthy eating pasta

Диетологи поделились советами по здоровому употреблению макарон One of the main principles is to choose wholegrain varieties.

Dieticians note: in order for the pasta bring real health benefits, you need to combine them with the right ingredients, and to observe the size of portions.

Whole-grain pasta are part of the Mediterranean diet, which doctors and nutritionists recommend to monitor body weight and to reduce the risk of diabetes of the 2nd type. But the key word here is whole-grain. Experts note that many types of pasta is a source of empty carbohydrates, i.e., their nutritional value losing a large amount of calories.

However, the American Association of diabetes (American Diabetes Association) called the pasta part of a healthy diet for persons with diabetes. The specialists of the organization said that this refers to whole-grain pasta and pasta made from lentil and bean flour.

This kind of pasta, according to them, have a low glycemic index that indicates how quickly a carbohydrate food is being assimilated glucose. Researchers said that foods with a low glycemic index help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type.

“However, it is important to restrict portion size and to minimize the use of high-carbon and fatty sauces” – recommended experts.

They are also advised to eat pasta with lots of vegetables or combine them with light proteins (fish). Use vegetable oil when cooking pasta dishes shall not exceed 2 tablespoons.

“People should fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables and slightly more than a quarter with carbohydrates such as pasta,” said the experts.

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