Thursday , January 17 2019
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90% of the population are below the poverty line


Every 3rd Ukrainian can buy the necessary food. Live in Ukraine is becoming more difficult – people have no elementary living conditions: many do not have salaries, pensions, meager, and prices for food, medicines and services has increased many times over, not to mention the tariffs for housing and communal …

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You will raise the retirement age, and for that You will pay


The unusual result is afoot in the so-called pension “reform.” The original thesis that the budget is not enough to pay and pensions increase that payments for older people is unnecessarily large, exposed by the same authorities. On the President’s meeting with the Cabinet it turned out that the pension …

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China will appear the “smart city” on the blockchain


JD finance, the financial subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant offers financial services to individuals and businesses. Fintech unit which is primarily engaged in credit financing, asset management, payment solutions and crowdfunding, opened the Institute in Nanjing, which will deal with the study of “smart cities”. Using the blockchain …

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Pension savings of Russians froze forever


To freeze the cumulative part of the pension that was introduced in 2014 and was declared as a temporary, and then has been renewed annually, brought in a budget of 2 trillion rubles. This amount the state saved by directing pension funds on payments to current retirees and reducing transfers …

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Poroshenko withdraws its capital in China


The Ukrainian President has no doubt of his further stay in Ukraine in case of its loss in the elections and decided to withdraw “earned back-breaking labor” in a quiet place. Understand after all, how many among the Ukrainian elitki is willing to “take everything and divide” as said Balls …

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West managed to nationalize the Russian elite. Nine trillion


Irina Alksnis Last week in the world of national elites were marked by heated discussions of the initiatives established in the information field called “list Belousova”. It is worth mentioning the merits of the case. About a month ago, the media became aware that in late July, presidential aide on …

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