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The doctors explained why you should sleep naked


Experts told the benefits of sleep without clothes. Sleep in a cool room helps to lose weight as the metabolism in the body is accelerated to keep warm. In addition, this sleep reduces the risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, reports the Deccan Chronicle. According to an international survey …

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The best products for the prevention of atherosclerosis


14 familiar food to protect from atherosclerosis.To protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis do not have to use complex multi-component tools. You can just more likely to eat familiar foods. 1. Cabbage.Drink the juice of fresh leaves half a Cup for 15 minutes before eating. 2. Pumpkin.Drink the juice of raw …

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Five habits that hinder productive work


These bad habits prevents us from working effectively.Despite the fact that we often are sure to demonstrate the real effectiveness we prevent the circumstances, experts are sure: the most common thing ourselves! Professor of psychology and rector of the University of southern California Wendy wood sure, that the reason of …

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Four effective ways of dealing with stress


TOP 4 steps, how to cope with chronic stress.The state of chronic stress is inherent in many. Someone listens to the alarm bells that sends him to the body, and quickly trying to get out of discomfort. And someone does not notice how “creeps” Blues, and the person only feels …

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A popular tool for cancer treatment is actually very effective


Scientists have found that aspirin is really effective for Oncology. A new study conducted in Cardiff (United Kingdom), was further proof that aspirin is deservedly credited with anti-cancer properties. The authors found that aspirin significantly increases the chances of survival in people with cancer diagnoses undergoing treatment. The staff of …

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Useful products that can harm the health


15 useful products, the harm which little is known.As well as fashion and other popular industry, food industry follows certain trends and supports, and even creates myths to sell more and earn better. You can, for example, to compare “healthy” food different times. Not so long ago people ate tofu, …

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Prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis


How to cope with allergic rhinitis and how to avoid its occurrence. For many people, spring allergies – the rule rather than the exception. To cause allergic rhinitis may flowering along with other provoking factors, household dust, pet dander, tap water. If the rhinitis will be allergic, folk remedies for …

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As not to confuse bronchitis with a regular cough


There are effective treatments for bronchitis at home. It is important not to confuse the normal cold or allergic cough with bronchitis. Bronchitis occurs inflammation of the bronchi, causing them begins to accumulate mucus. Bronchitis is usually a complication of influenza or SARS. In bronchitis the cough is quite unusual. …

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