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Herbal medicine, as prevention of acute and chronic pancreatitis


Herbal remedy will help to maintain the health of the pancreas. After each of the holidays traditionally, physicians have noted rising numbers of patients with complaints of an exacerbation of diseases of the pancreas. Traditional healers and representatives of official medicine consider some means of herbal medicine as a great …

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The most powerful aphrodisiacs for men


Doctors told about the foods that are the best aphrodisiacs for men. British neurologist Alan Hirsch called the foods that affect the arousal of men. According to him, the most powerful aphrodisiacs is chocolate, pizza and roast beef. The expert notes that the smell of chocolate not only makes men …

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Modern girls become sexually Mature at 10 years


Modern girls puberty comes too early. Scientists are sounding the alarm – the current generation of girls reaches maturity in 10 years. This is a full year earlier than 20 years ago. Experts believe that for many girls this rapid development is a signal for early onset of sexual activity. …

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Psychologists explained why you can’t yell at the kids


Named the terrible consequences of a parent yelling at the child. Scientists from the University of Iowa, studying the issue of raising children, came to the conclusion that understanding in the family cannot be achieved by shouting. Besides the persistent negative effect on children’s health. So it may lead to …

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The mental condition depends on the type of window


Experts told why it is so important that one sees every day out the window. Experts from the University of Michigan (USA) reviewed the psychological health and level of stress among residents of the capital of New Zealand ― Wellington. This city is bordered by two major bodies of water …

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Doctors told how much to sleep


Named the most optimal duration of sleep. The debate about optimal duration of sleep did not subside for several decades. Someone claims that it is enough to sleep 6 hours a day, someone says something about 8-hour sleep, sometimes called the other figures. Of course, each person is different, but …

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Autistic people remember the words together with healthy children


Scientists have found that children diagnosed with “autism” learn new words is not worse than healthy kids. As scientists have found that children with autism do not experience difficulties in determining the meanings of unfamiliar words. The necessary ability to trace the direction of view they have developed as well …

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Named the main danger of insomnia


The doctors explained the connection between insomnia and cholesterol. When lack of sleep not only mood changes, and somnolence. Lack of sleep also can affect the metabolism of cholesterol, particularly the “good cholesterol”. And this is directly reflected on the condition of the vessel. According to the University of Helsinki, …

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Ten signs that you are not ready for family life


How to understand that it’s not just pre-wedding jitters.“Marriage is one of the most serious obligations. It is natural to feel uncomfortable, associating himself with another person for life, but at what point that feeling becomes a signal of a more significant issue?” – the journalist writes Carolyn Lehmann in …

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