Thursday , February 21 2019
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The flu can be cured with simple and affordable tips


In St. Petersburg has increased the number of citizens who were struck by a flu virus. Experts have reported about the beginning of the annual epidemic. Weekly the medical register from 1 500 to 2 500 new infections. There is even a confirmation of deaths from complications of the flu, …

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The doctors explained how the beans might affect the pressure


Experts told about the beneficial properties of the beans.In clinical and folk medicine has long been known that in addition to the undeniable nutritional qualities of beans also has healing properties. The most effective in the following cases: Cholesterol: Regular consumption of beans is a good way to maintain normal …

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The doctors shared tips to normalize pressure


There are a few simple ways to reduce HELL. According to the latest recommendations of cardiologists, pressure 130/80 – it is a precursor of hypertension and a serious cause for concern. Meanwhile, following simple guidelines allows you to achieve lower blood pressure without medication. One of simple but effective techniques …

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Minus 7 kg in a week: diet for those who like buckwheat


Nutritionists describe the correct method of cleaning the body of buckwheat diet.This way of losing weight is the quite popular. For him is recommended only buckwheat and kefir. It should be remembered that this is not literally a weight loss. It is likely that drying of the body, which removes …

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Physicians suggested which beverage is able to reduce blood pressure


Hibiscus tea should be consumed regularly for the recovery of many organs and systems.Drinking hibiscus drink made of dried hibiscus leaves – contributes to the improvement of many organs and systems, doctors stress. Scientists recommend to use hibiscus regularly. Drink this tea effective for reducing cholesterol and excess weight, say …

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Doctors dispelled popular myths about hypertension


Increasingly feel the pressure surge can and young people. Hypertension, or high blood pressure – the so-called disease that haunts billions of people on the planet. But even when it will be completely defeated cancer and AIDS, the main problem of mortality of mankind will remain vascular disease, in particular, …

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