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Psychologists have named the main causes of male edit


With this problem faced by many couples. Unfortunately, no one is safe from infidelity. Whatever the woman, the man may like another. We decided to look at the most common causes of male infidelity. Reason # 1. The need for emotional intimacy, support Although men don’t need to listen to …

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Doctors called foods to improve vision


Proper nutrition affects visual acuity. Scientists have named the list of products the use of which will help to improve eyesight. Most people do not pay attention to their eyes until something goes wrong. Royal national Institute of blind people (RNIB) predicts that the number of Britons living with loss …

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Named the most useful position for sleep


How to learn to sleep on your back at nightThe most useful position for sleep is on the back, but many just can’t bring myself to sleep in this position. Experts spoke about how to achieve this. Sleeping on the back reduces the risk of back pain and headaches helps …

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Doctors told how to normalize blood pressure without medication


In some cases, quite often walking in the air. Scientists from the University of Western Australia conducted research, made recommendations that the morning 30-minute walk can successfully substitute pills from hypertension. The researchers observed for 67 older people. The scientific results showed that just 30 minutes of moderate walk in …

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The doctors explained the danger of fresh bread for health


It is better to refrain from its use. A normal for each individual product like bread can be a potential danger. Medical scientists attribute this to improper storage and bacteria. Each food has its time and storage conditions. And it concerns not only the specific bistroportal products, and bakery products. …

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Seven rules: how to accelerate muscle growth


Muscle growth – the process is not complicated. But to start muscle growth you need to have some knowledge about human physiology. I’m not going to delve deeply into science. I’ll just tell you how to make your muscles grow rapidly. Before you go to the gym, you should clearly …

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Nutritionists have uncovered another secret to fast weight loss


Scientists have discovered a secret “ingredient” how to lose weight permanently. Researchers from the University of Vermont (USA) confirmed the hypothesis that the key to successful weight loss is the ability to self-control. The experiment was attended by 142 volunteers. They stick to the diet and sports loads of graphics …

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