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Named habits that are best avoided in the new year


Of any habits, experts advise to be released in the first placeThe new year has just begun – it’s time to give up bad habits that undermine health. The food at night. Scientific studies show: the habit of “dive” in the fridge and eat at night leads to higher blood …

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Doctors told why useful dairy products in winter


If you have the opportunity to skachivat kefir or yogurt – it is better not to invest time and effort.Fermented foods support the immune system and improve digestion, help regulate body temperature and even improve mood. This was told by the doctor Victoria Savitskaya. Modern physicians, based on data from …

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The doctors told why it is useful to have broth


There are certain nuances of cooking, making the broth as useful as possible. Called the healthy dish. According to nutritionists, it’s a gentle broth. Rightly considered that the nutrients from delicate broths are better absorbed by the body than whole meat or fish. After all, broth is the liquid split …

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Doctors refuted common myths about antibiotics


The view that taking antibiotics destroys intestinal flora, is common. Antibiotics do not kill the intestinal microflora, although this property they are always credited. This myth about antibiotics is not the only one. Doctors spoke about the misconceptions associated with taking these drugs. The first myth: destroying microflora. The view …

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The doctors called healthy foods for hypertensive patients


Potatoes and bananas help to normalize pressure. Potatoes and bananas are considered dangerous products from the point of view of diets, however, their therapeutic potential is often underestimated by people, said the researchers. Experts told the who did not need to abandon their use. Doctors gave recommendations for potatoes and …

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Scientists have named products that can cause dependency


Coffee, pizza and chocolate – only a few items from the list. Scientists have found that pizza is addictive, more than any other food. For this indicator, it has overtaken chocolate (he was in 2nd place), chips (3-m) and left far behind cheeseburgers (7th place) and fries (6-e). The participants …

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