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The doctors suggested, what kind of fruit enhance the potency


Experts told which fruit is good for men.American scientists have explained, what fruits can increase the potency of men. The researchers came to the conclusion that proper nutrition can affect this function of the male body. It turned out that positively influences the potency of men eating fruit. However, not …

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The doctors explained whether crying is good for health


There is a category of people who cry just contraindicated. American researchers published the results of research work in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science about the nature of the crying man. Psychologists analyzed the tests, 3,000 volunteers, which they described as crying. The results showed that, as such, …

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Scientists have made an incredible discovery about her hair


It turned out that the hair is unable to “communicate” with each other. With an amazing hypothesis that human hair was made by researchers from the University of California, USA. In search of a new means of baldness they made the discovery that our hair “communicate” with each other. “All …

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The doctors explained how coffee can affect the heart

The relationship of coffee and a heart attack verified by scientists.Although the caffeine in this drink, provokes a debate about its health benefits, drink coffee, first of all, it is useful and not harmful. A new study by scientists from Colorado University have shown that coffee consumption reduces the risk …

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Doctors told how to be a healthy Breakfast


What is good to eat for Breakfast?Most people in the morning going to work or school, or even prefer to do without Breakfast, in the best case limited to a Cup of instant coffee or tea and a hastily eaten sandwich, or eat firmly Breakfast, prepared in haste: scrambled eggs, …

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Doctors called vegetables, can protect against fatty liver


Effect of green leafy vegetables can reduce the intensity of fat deposits in the liverAccording to a study by scientists Karolinska Institute (Sweden), consumption of green leafy vegetables contributes to the reduction of adiposis has in the liver. The results of their work published in the journal Proceedings of the …

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Doctors have discovered a new useful properties of coffee


Extensive research has produced results.Italian scientists made the discovery, stating that coffee protects against cancer of the lip and tongue. Experts conducted a study, which was attended by 5139 people with cancer of the lips or tongue, and 9028 healthy people. After analyzing the data of all participants in the …

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