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Named products that increase the risk of cancer


International researchers in the course of scientific work has revealed a “probable carcinogen” in French fries and potato chips. According to experts, a substance called acrylamide can cause the formation of cancer. According to ctvnews, a “probable carcinogen” is formed in food containing high quantity of carbohydrates and a small …

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The benefits of dentures


Unfortunately, none of us are immune to loss of teeth. Thus, this problem can occur at any age. Cause of tooth loss could be many, the main ones are referred to specialists: genetic and ancestral predisposition, Yes, not every family can boast of a strong and good teeth. In addition, …

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Scoliosis — causes, symptoms, types, treatment


Scoliosis, failure to prevent its further development, can be presented as a rapidly progressive disease that represents a deviation of the spinal column from the norm. There are 4 phases of scoliosis, and the fourth — the unwanted and heavy Laden, and 1 degree initial. Also this disease can be …

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Study: Dirty air kills people more often than cigarettes


The researchers said that every year from diseases that arise due to polluted air, dying on average about 8.8 million people. The world health organization reports that die from Smoking annually in an average of 7.2 million. This suggests that air pollution takes more lives. Approximately 790 000 people in …

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How easy it is to start eating healthy food


Food in the winter, if you have recovered, it was stressful. The foods that you eat, can hardly have contained the whole set of useful vitamins and minerals. Lack of regular physical activity weakened heart muscle. Against this background, diet restrictions, diet can only bring harm to the body, provoke …

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What threatens problems with the pressure?


Pressure surges or deviations from the norm in its indicators is an important signal that the person needs to address urgently to the doctor! Statistics show that most people, or rather, about 80 percent of those who have pressure problems, go to the hospital after the appearance of certain problems, …

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In Bashkiria rural patients expect to diagnose remotely


In Bashkiria diagnoses rural residents will be put online. The country intends to launch a pilot project to equip health posts with equipment for remote surveys. As explained the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture Liliya Gumerova, more than 40% of the population …

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Named the major culinary habits they need to get rid of


10 cooking errors Despite the abundance of information about nutrition and cooking methods of food, many with enviable stubbornness continue to make the same culinary mistakes. The result spoiled the taste of food and lost the use of the products. In today’s review we made a selection of harmful cooking …

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