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Named habits that affect pressure


To maintain a healthy pressure it is very important to control the blood levels of the minerals. High blood pressure is directly linked to the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Many confidently say that high blood pressure can result from drinking alcohol, Smoking, overeating, sedentary lifestyle. But there are …

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Called habits for rapid weight loss


9 simple habits that will really help to lose weight.Sitting on a diet or buying a gym membership, a lot of girls understand that in the near future they have not sweet. Limitations of self-torture, and other unpleasant moments are generally considered as necessary measures to find harmony. However, the …

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The cook of a kindergarten about stealing…


What smell do you associate kindergarten? At the time perfume, which was scalded cabbage leaf, left in one small citizen of our country a deep scar. And I was happy enough to eat, though not willingly. Today in the category “the Truth about work”, talking with the chef not so …

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Doctors have called the drink, normalizing the pressure


Cocoa also reduces the risk of stroke. Scientists from University hospital Cologne in Germany, conducted a scientific study whose results proved that cocoa lowers blood pressure effectively and as a consequence reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. The data confirmed experimentally. The study involved two groups of volunteers. …

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Another way to lower blood pressure without medication


How to overcome hypertension. Control over one’s own breath is the treatment for hypertension, the researchers found. When a person learns to breathe deeply and slowly, thus it effectively reduces blood pressure. Learning how to regulate your breathing, can help in the treatment of hypertension, if it is to start …

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These signs can indicate a lack of vitamins


Doctors have described the symptoms that should not be ignored. How to understand whether experienced our body with the shortage of the key vitamins? It turns out that the body is sending signals about it, and we only need them to read. One of the manifestations of this vitamin deficiency …

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