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How to determine the type of prosthesis?


Substrategies prosthetics prosthetics combines a few techniques, which aim at the replacement of missing teeth. Experts recommend to promptly resolve the issue and fill a “void”. In addition to aesthetic considerations, this would help in future to avoid incorrect bite, crooked teeth and bone deficit. What are dentures and how …

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Doctors have called the habit of slimming


Sleeping off on the weekends, you can lose weight.Become slimmer at the expense of sleep is quite real, set this time the researchers. They found that the body mass index (BMI) may decrease if the person has the opportunity to sleep in on weekends. “We are talking about restful sleep, …

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The doctors explained than the beet useful for the female body


7 useful products for women’s health.Experts in the field of healthy nutrition, we strongly recommend that women include these foods in your diet. Broccoli. Scientific studies show that cabbage (broccoli in particular) contains isothiocyanate – a substance capable to join the defective protein of a cancer cell and start its …

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In the Ukrainian health care will be a new specialty


Students will be able to get an education in this field. Ministry approves the standard of higher education in the specialty “Public health” for master degree level. The development of the document was done by experts of the Center for public health MOH. In the nearest plans – completion of …

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The doctors told why you need to eat walnuts


These nuts have a positive effect on many processes in the body. Walnuts are one of the most useful nutritious food, which we only can provide nature. Experts in the field of healthy diet from Spain called the 5 main benefits of walnuts. You must start with the fact that …

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The doctors explained why you should not abandon Breakfast


Disclaimer Breakfast can bring to a heart attack or stroke. The rejection of Breakfast can lead to heart attack, stroke or diabetes. To this unexpected conclusion reached by experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Columbia University in new York. According to experts ‘ estimates, every fourth adult person …

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Doctors told how dangerous a wrong massage


Before visiting a massage therapist, consult your doctor. A good massage is as necessary to man as physical activity. However, incorrectly performed procedure can lead to tragic consequences and damage to health. It should ask how qualified your chosen specialist. You should not choose exotic massage techniques. For example, a …

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