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Lukashenko does Not want Lithuania to cooperate, get along, we have lots of options

Лукашенко: Не хочет Литва сотрудничать — обойдемся, у нас масса вариантов

Minsk has lots of options, if Lithuania does not want to cooperate due to disagreements in the NPP, said Alexander Lukashenko, appointing Valery Baranovsky new Ambassador of Belarus in Vilnius. About it reports a press-service of the President.

Lukashenko stated about the readiness of the Belarusian side to build good-neighborly relations with this country, if she wants to.

— The case of Lithuania. Want to cooperate with us, want to build good relations — please, we are open to this. Do not want — I think we have a lot of options. Dispense. The more that our main trade and economic cooperation lies in the South, South-West, South-East.

The President in this regard stated the need to really build up the logistics to Odessa.

Port of Odessa is open to us. And we can the direction to use this port. As for the West, so we Latvia a good relationship, if Lithuania does not want to build relationships, depolitizirovav them to move away from these incomprehensible requirements for nuclear power plants… It just kind of bushlandia. Why to wind this nuclear power plant?!

Lukashenko stressed that the plant will still be built, because it is in the interests of Belarus.

— If Lithuania wants it, and in the interests of Lithuania, let’s get together to engage in a nuclear station. We do not shout hubbub, when there were problems they have at the station. Why Belarus is Lithuania is very useful. And the fact that now there are doing politics, I do not think that the Lithuanian people support them. Any danger to Lithuania our station is not. We do Chernobyl Republic. What we do not understand that the station needs to be safe?

However, the President believes that Lithuania must build relationships, because “the Lord has ordained us to live together.”

“We must do everything transparently, not to cave in under anybody,” added the Belarusian leader.

When assigning Baranovsky foreign Minister Vladimir Makei paid attention that earlier he has worked as Minister-Counsellor in Lithuania, knows the situation in this country and many people. In addition, the new Ambassador has gained significant experience, working up to the present time in the position of head of the foreign policy of the presidential Administration.

Appointing Igor Fissenko the new Ambassador of Belarus to France Alexander Lukashenko stressed that our country is interested in expansion of contacts with France, especially in the economic sphere.

— I will not say that there is a higher level of our cooperation, but still [former Ambassador Paul] Latushko was there noticeable. You could say that. And there are even specific areas in the economy. We are primarily interested in the economy.

Vladimir Makei described Fisenko as a diplomat with experience abroad, very professional and Executive people. The Minister cited the results of his work on the post of the head of the main consular Department of the foreign Ministry. “I am convinced that it will further promote the positive start, which is incorporated Latushko,” said Mackay.

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