Thursday , February 21 2019
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China will build a solar power station in space


Orbital space station will help to reduce air pollution from emissions of numerous ground stations. China announced plans to build an interstellar power plant, which will revolve around the Earth at an altitude of 36 000 km. Chinese scientists plan to build and run small power plants into the stratosphere …

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Mystery of Tutankhamun’s tomb


European society of the 1920s had a mysterious history. Years after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, the users of the network decided to reveal the truth about the mysterious death of the expedition members “European society of the 1920s had a mysterious history. After the mysterious death of …

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On the ground in Spain was formed twenty-meter pit


Around this object something strange happens. In the province of La Rioja (Spain) is the impressive size hole in the ground, which locals called the cave. No one can really say exactly when the hole was formed. Last time, the media actively write about the hole, as about he had …

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NASA will be invited to Mars clown


Flight to Mars will take eight months one way. To the crew of the spacecraft are not in conflict and was in good working condition on Board must be a comedian or a clown. This opinion was expressed by an anthropologist from the University of Florida Jeffrey Johnson. Jeffrey Johnson …

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Scientists deciphered ancient carvings spell


The work of specialists helped to understand the purpose of the text. In Britain inside the cave found ancient spells. People believed that the inscriptions scare away evil spirits. The monument was discovered in the canyon Creswell-Crags on the border between counties Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in Central England. Scientists believe …

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In the Chernobyl zone are increasingly rare animals


Due to the lack of people and animals becoming more and more. Scientists decided to see what kinds of animals live in the exclusion zone. To do this, they set up cameras in different parts of the Polessky state radiation-ecological reserve, and left bait in the form of fish carcasses. …

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Scientists recorded the bright flash of a star


Astronomers have detected a flare of a star billions of times brighter than the Sun.With a telescope James Clark Maxwell, scientists have detected a flash of stars, the brightness of which exceeds the sun in 10 billion times. They watched the star, JW 566. During the study, the researchers observed …

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Scientists made an interesting discovery about snakes.


Experts spoke about the unique abilities of snakes.According to the results of one study, a group of scientists came to the conclusion that some species of snakes are able to sense the light skin of the tail. A new study has revealed an astonishing ability to adapt Australian sea snakes, …

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Famous UFO researcher told who and why created people


Bob Lazar refutes Darwin’s theory. Ufologists often argue over what the aliens have created humans, because today already for anybody not a secret that humanity has emerged as something very much strange, like “jumping” out of the tube, and all of evolutionary theory are divided on the indisputable facts that …

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