Wednesday , December 19 2018
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Archaeologists revealed traces of dinosaurs


Footprints are perfectly preserved. Researchers from Cambridge University found dozens of well-preserved dinosaur footprints.. So, 85 clear traces were found in the South-East of the UK in Sussex along the coast of the English channel from the cliffs near Hastings. They have sizes from 2 to 60 cm in diameter. …

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Off the coast of Australia recorded the bloody tide


This phenomenon frightened the locals and tourists. Earlier this year, residents of Eastern Australia have observed a unique phenomenon: the water in the ocean for several kilometers was painted in bright red, like blood. The locals began talking about the Apocalypse, and the tourists were taking photos of the anomaly …

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Now we know how dangerous parental alcoholism for children


The alcoholism of parents affects the psyche and destroys the future of children. Children whose parents suffer from alcoholism are more likely than others to marry before 25 years, and spouses choose the same dependence as that of the parents. Figured it out by scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University in …

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Revealed another mystery of Stonehenge


Animals were forced to haul heavy loads long distances. Archaeologists from University College London have suggested that Stonehenge could be built with the use of cows. This theory helps to explain how the huge stones from Wales were in Wiltshire, where the famous megalithic monument. Archaeologists have been able to …

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The disappearance of Saturn’s rings


The researchers used data obtained decades ago by using probes Voyager 1 and 2. Researchers from the American space Agency NASA have calculated that with the development of events in the worst case scenario Saturn may lose their rings after 100 million years. The paper was published in the journal …

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New York was able to capture amazing “cloud wave”


Some experts believe that the phenomenon is caused by challenges of climate weapons. When new York was having a strangely-shaped cloud, the people of the United States and conspiracy theorists started to suspect the government in that it controls the weather. It is noteworthy that a cloud hangs over a …

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