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In Tbilisi has created a Museum for lovers of entertainment

В Тбилиси создали музей для любителей развлеченийThe idea of the Museum is quite unusual.

In the Old Tbilisi district March 1, will open the Museum of illusions (illusions Museum of Tbilisi), which will host more than 70 exhibits.

The sponsors announce a variety of optical illusions, installations, holograms, “upside down room”, and many other scientific and educational projects and entertainment.

As noted, the history museums of the illusions began in 2015 in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. After him, these museums began to emerge in other Croatian cities, and then in Slovenia, Austria, Oman, Serbia, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Greece, Dubai and now in Tbilisi.

“Our goal was to create in Tbilisi a place for “alternative entertainment”. The basis of this initiative was the lack of Georgian industry the so-called entertainment museums. So we contacted the authors of the idea, visited the Museum in Zagreb, revised statistics of different countries and decided to become members of the world of illusions,” said one of the authors of the idea of the origin of the illusion Museum in Tbilisi Ananiashvili Natalie.

According to her, the concept of the Museum of illusions is radically different from the classical concept of the Museum. The exhibits of this Museum should not only educate the audience, and, first and foremost, to entertain, amuse and amaze.

Tbilisi illusion Museum will contain more than 70 exhibits, based on knowledge from the fields of science, mathematics, biology and psychology. Based on the fact that the authorship of the project of the Museum of illusions belongs to Croatia, the installation of the installation of all exhibits takes on Croatian side.

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