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In Krasnoyarsk the officer advised defrauded themselves to finish the house

В Красноярске чиновник посоветовал обманутым дольщикам самим достроить дом

Deputy Minister of construction of the Krasnoyarsk territory Evgeny Gonchukov met with defrauded real estate investors in the Campus of Krasnoyarsk, who are waiting for an apartment since 2012. He urged them to build high-rises on its own. About it reports local TV channel “prima”.

The officer advised investors “not to torment her nerves,” going on strike, and to solve their problems.

In particular, he expressed the opinion that people should sell the apartments in which they live in the moment, and proceeds to spend or to buy another property, or for the completion of the commissioned house.

“Life is not some sort of money — 200 thousand or 300 — or apartment. Sell it and buy another, ready,” said the official.

“I believe that it is always easier to throw 200 thousand by to stay alive, healthy and happy, and you don’t think so”, he added.

It is reported that Deputy Minister of construction Gonchukov oversees the construction problem in the Krasnoyarsk region.

According to TV channel, he said others defrauded in that they “did stuff” when the property is acquired.

The construction of a multistory building in the street Leningrad, 1 in the Campus of Krasnoyarsk was expected to be completed in 2015. However, due to financial difficulties the developer has not passed the house.

To attract the attention of the authorities to the problem, some investors have settled in apartments and live in them without electricity, water and heating.

In addition, during a protest near the house died, the man to whom it became bad with heart.

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