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In Japan, Hokkaido to build a village of ice

На японском Хоккайдо строят деревню из льдаAll the resort is made out of ice.

Japan will help tourists to get to a winter Wonderland. Ice village with ice chapel (built from a single piece of ice), ice hotel, ice bar and even ice slides – opens January 18.

For its construction was selected as the most Northern island of Japan – Hokkaido, where the average winter temperature is about 22 degrees.

At the Ice hotel everything from ceiling to walls, from furniture to glasses made of ice. Ice bar offers another trick: more than 50 kinds of cocktails are served in ice glasses.

Ice cubes made of special water from underground rivers Daisetsuzan volcanic group.

Even children will find something interesting to explore this winter extravaganza. Among the proposals, designed for young visitors – ice tools, inflating bubbles in sub-zero temperatures and the production of glass from the ice.

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