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Have you tried loving Home for free?

А вы не пробовали любить Родину бесплатно?

Patriotism is profitable. It turns out that in Moscow with the Department of education is a Center of Patriotic education, the chief who yesterday was just arrested for embezzlement.

Have you tried loving Home for free?

No, free does not work: “only in 2018 the volume of public procurement institutions amounted to 223 million roubles”.

What does the money go? “Among the projects of the Moscow Department of education, implemented by the center — “a Cadet class at the Moscow school”, “Day of the cadet class at the Museum of Victory”, “Historical Sabbath”, “Sabbath of courage” and “Space Saturdays”, annual forum of the cadet movement Moscow “I have the Honor to serve the Motherland!”, parade of the cadets to the Victory Day on Poklonnaya hill, the creative festival “Cadet star”.

I will allow myself a small digression. In the middle Ages fashionable entertainment was the Crusades of the children: they were collected and sent “to win the Holy Sepulchre”, well, that is a direct route to the slave markets. The current “parade of cadets” – they are from the same region, except that the Holy Sepulchre had replaced patriotism.

How can do not hurt my eyes going to build the kids? Where are they? What kind of enemy to fight? Each bazookas and umremte near Moscow? Twenty-first century, the funding from the budget of the “European capital”.

And that funding flows through different patriot centers, like water from a sieve – so the task is to win the Holy Sepulchre was never. Not that there is a crusade, that is, excuse me, the Department of education was going.

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