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Doctors told how to be saved from hypothermia

Медики подсказали, как спастись от переохлажденияMedics and rescuers gave advice on how to stay warm in the winter cold.

Do not fall victim to hypothermia and not to catch a number of illnesses, doctors recommend to prevent hypothermia, dress warmly and eat hot food.

They emphasize that in cold weather it is very important to choose the right clothing so as not to SuperCool. Clothing should be both lightweight and warm. In frosty days it is better to wear underwear, in shoes it is recommended to put insole-warmers that can warm feet for about 4 hours. From outerwear best option the rescuers called down jacket.

You must adhere to the principle of layering: wear a few light sweaters instead of one warm. This will prevent sweating, which is a frost threat. If it gets hot, you can always remove one of the things. From these considerations, the clothes should be completely free.

It is also necessary to protect exposed areas of skin: do not forget to wear gloves, scarf and hat. If you the whole day should be spent in the cold, take spare clothes. Sometimes it is enough to change wet clothes to dry to avoid hypothermia.

Doctors say that suffer from hypothermia even at zero temperature. In particular, weather conditions with temperatures below +7 degrees, can cause health problems.

This weather is dangerous because the person puts a lot of hormones – adrenaline, adrenal hormones. Therefore, proper nutrition will also help fight hypothermia. Doctors advise not to go out into the cold hungry. “Be sure to eat well, better something high-calorie. Froze also eat anything. Possible take along a thermos of hot coffee, tea or soup,” the doctors stress.

In the cold, doctors advise not to drink many hot drinks, as sudden temperature changes in the body, the blood vessels constrict, and the person begins to freeze.

Also, the experts recommend an hour before going outside apply on hands and face nourishing cream to protect the skin from the cold.

Another simple rule: don’t overdo it. Tired of people exposed to hypothermia. As a rule, people felt that starts to freeze, move very actively. But it’s also not quite reasonable, since energy is used very quickly, and the forces should be restored. Therefore, physicians are advised to move, but not too intense.

When the temperature outside falls below -15 degrees, it is very important just before the entrance of the house to eat something warm, drink a Cup of hot tea with ginger (this spice increases blood circulation and warms the body from the inside), the doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

If you have to stand at the bus stop waiting for transport, try to hide somewhere under a canopy or kiosk, to as small as possible to feel the wind. Even if you are cold, try not to tremble – so you freeze even faster, because prematurely grab a gulp of cold air before he managed to exhale.

Leaving the house in the frosty air, do not just take a deep breath! A sharp stream of cold air can trigger reflex bronchospasm. And for the cores of such a mistake is fraught with koronarospazm, which, in turn, is often accompanied by a heart attack.

Breathe only a nose, close your mouth tightly, and it is better to hide lips behind a dense scarf. It does not stand still, walk back and forth to increase blood flow to the extremities.

If in the cold or in the wind you have watery eyes, for 10-15 minutes until the frost drip into the eye antihistamine drops. Do not be amiss to purchase a hat with a visor, and fasten the top hood to protect the eyes from the wind.

When a campaign dramatically changes, it is important to avoid any overload, both physical and emotional.

Because we all have our own “pain points”, then stock up in advance all the necessary medicines, but do not violate the physician’s recommendations at their reception. Even better buy at the pharmacy, herbal teas and fees, and start drinking them without waiting for the migraines, joint pain and so on. Don’t forget about the soothing fees and to enhance immunity.

“Protect yourself from all stress factors, at least for a few days, do not watch horror movies, do not jump with a parachute, do not communicate with unpleasant people. Do not go by sales, if upset due to the fact that not all have enough money, etc. If you exercise, exercise in the gym or physical fitness should be replaced by yoga or exercises in the comfort of your own home. But to completely abandon the physical loading is not necessary. First, all possible exercises improve the tone of blood vessels, second, they contribute to the production of endorphins – the hormone that improves mood,” say the doctors.

Will also help a simple light massage the neck area, which will remove the burden, also it is effective for headaches and dizziness and is very uplifting.

If you are prone to sudden drops in blood pressure, take time several times during the day to rest in a horizontal position, at least for 10-15 minutes. And don’t forget about the benefits of a contrast shower, only without the abrupt changes and gradual decrease in water temperature.

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