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Doctors called the rules of eating meat

Медики назвали правила употребления мясаThe meat is better not to salt.

In spite of the persecution of the meat many doctors still do not lose their mind and do not declare the meat is extremely harmful product. However, the physicians are advised to adhere to certain rules for its use.

In particular, professional nutritionists suggest not to salt the meat while cooking. Salt enhances the flavor of meat and encourages people to eat more than you need. It is more useful to fill the meats with natural spices, herbs, fruits and berries juice. You can also use mint.

Refrain from habits to use ready-made mince from the shops. In this product, according to experts, fat is much more than meat – a similar proportion faces a jump in the level of cholesterol in the blood.

One serving should be a piece of meat and two to three portions of vegetables and leafy salads. So you get not only far fewer calories, but also faster to be satisfied, and, in addition, will help the body with digestion.

Taste preferences, of course, important. But the most correct from the point of view of health is a lean meat. Fatty, for instance, pork and lamb is considered by physicians as one of the instigators of heart disease and blood vessels, as well as obesity.

Beef is an excellent source of iron in the human diet. Such meat is rich In b vitamins, which are useful for the fact that activates the cells of the body fat burning. Also meat a lot of zinc, essential for the active work of the brain.

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