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CB once again forced to start printing money to rescue banks

ЦБ вынужден опять начать печатать деньги для спасения банков

In the banking industry of things so that everything points to the third crisis in this sector. In September, the Central Bank was forced to inject into the banks 363 billion roubles, on condition that it is impossible to refuse. And this, incidentally, is 13% of the total debt of banks to the Central Bank.

Such holes were formed only in 2008 and 2015. Unpleasant trend.

With the help of additional issues close holes that have arisen due to the fact that the people and the business began to withdraw funds from foreign currency accounts.

And, unfortunately, is quite a usual reaction to the Bank of Russia, first adopted the decision to launch the printing press, then inflation is restrained due to the increase in the key rate.

According to forecasts of many experts, the Bank of Russia to the end of the year will be another increase in the key rate.

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