Thursday , January 17 2019
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The “junk” business unfavorable changes


To apply global experience of separate collection in the Russian reality it is not so difficult. And this does not interfere with the peculiarities of Russian mentality. What prevents the transition to a system of separate waste and how to act if you don’t want to throw garbage in the …

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Power and efficiency: the Americans appreciated the Russian T-90S


American magazine The National Interest is not the first time dedicates its article Russian armament. It is not surprising, because Russian defense industry is now developing very rapidly. At this time, the newspaper told readers about the T-90S, which is increasingly gaining popularity. This is due to the intelligent combination …

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Russia took from Laos 30 T-34 tanks


MOSCOW, January 9. /TASS/. Three dozen T-34 tanks arrived in Russia, having mnogomernoi the journey by sea from Southeast Asia. The Ministry of defence of Laos in the framework of military-technical cooperation with defense Ministry of Russia transferred 30 caterpillar machines in working condition. This was reported in the press …

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“Holy fire” in the name… comrade Putin


The Church calendar of the head of our secular state are planned for the months ahead. Christmas January 7, he for many years meet in a remote rural temple. For example, in the Olympic 2014 the emergence of the infant into the world rejoicing in the Cathedral convent in Sochi. …

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Myths about firearms


Cinema and video games have created a misconception about firearms. If you don’t count military service or law enforcement, few in fact were holding firearms, not to mention the fact to shoot it, or to understand the peculiarities of some of its models. There are well-known facts that are not …

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USA pulled precision weapons to the borders of Russia


Increasing US presence, a strategic non-nuclear systems precision weapons in areas adjacent to Russian waters. About it the newspaper “Red star” said the commander-in-chief of the Navy of Russia Admiral Vladimir Korolev. He noted that the Navy in the new year will respond to the sharp increase in the activities …

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