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Announced a new smartphone Nokia 8.1 average level

Holding HMD Global has announced a new smartphone Nokia 8.1, which is new can be called with very big stretch. The phone still sports a giant monopoly, and, besides, it’s already familiar to many, the Nokia X7, launched earlier this year.

But if the X7 is sold only in China where it cost $ 245, Nokia 8.1 – this is the smartphone for the international market, but its price is as much as 400 Euro, although the specifications, unlike name, has not changed. 8.1 Nokia is a smartphone that you can’t buy in any case, because it is not worth the money for any scenario – all he can offer is in the devices up to $ 300.

In this case, 4 GB RAM, battery 3500 mAh, storage capacity of 64 GB, Qualcomm 710 and Android 9 Pie right out of the box. You can select only a Full HD screen+ 6.2 per inch with support for HDR10, but he just cut the horse, so that part of the diagonal you take away for your money. Also the Nokia camera has 8.1 12+13 MP rear and 20 MP for selfie, and this end of his dignity. So why pay 400 euros? Not the most popular brand, which many modern consumers do not remember until 2016? A dubious pleasure.

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